Changes to the Santa Cruz MLS

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It’s 6:30 AM, which means I must be hard at work. Coffee’s done brewing, time to pour a cup. Right out of the gate, I’m researching properties today. One thing I notice is that MLS numbers have gone from six digits to eight – woooah! MLS numbers have been recycled for some time now – there can be several MLS entries with the same MLS number. I think they expanded the digit count because the MLS is growing, it won’t just be the five counties around here (Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Monterey, and San Benito) but will expand to include the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Another thing that’s happened release with “Release 3.8” of is that you can now search for bank-owned REO properties. There’s a new attribute on each listing that says if it’s bank-owned. The thing is, of course, that the agent has to manually set that flag, and agents are not the most detail-oriented people in the world – especially busy REO agents, who often put no comments or pictures on their REO listings. We’ll see how well that works out – but no matter, because I have my own weekly Santa Cruz REO and Short Sale list that I send out, which I find by manually reviewing all the listings that come on the market each week and send the list out to subscribers.

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