[M08/S27] Closing the Sale of your Home

Closing the Sale of your Home

After the buyer has released the last of their contingencies for the purchase, it will be time to make your way down to the title or escrow company to sign the grant deed, transferring the property to the buyer. The title company will hold on to the deed until the buyer has put all their money into the escrow account – their down payment, as well as any funds from a loan.

Once all the funds are in escrow, and all the other required paperwork has been signed by all parties, the title company will take the grand deed down to the county recorder’s office for filing. Once filed, the new owner is on record, and you will have completed the sale of your home. The only thing left to do at this point, typically, is to collect the proceeds of the sale. This can mean going to the title company’s office to pick up a check, or more commonly nowadays, to have the funds wired from the title company to your bank.

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