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A few months ago I made a posting about the Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks, and I mentioned that I had not yet been to every park on the list. Well, it seems that I will soon have a new park to add to the list! It seems the good people at the Packard Foundation have been hard at working getting us lucky residents of Santa Cruz yet another California State Park in Davenport! We’re talking ocean-front property here – I can’t wait to go and check it out, even before the signs are up!

Hoping I don’t sound like a broken record – the Rispin Mansion project is back in the news! I posted about this a week or two ago – and I bet we’ll be seeing more of this in the coming weeks and months. I hope they manage to pull it off, subsequent parking/traffic woes and all.

Oh, and yes, I keep meaning to mention the Redman House here. This is a beautiful old home in Watsonville on 13 acres right by the Red Roof Inn in Watsonville. There’s a dedicated group of people working to save this historic 4,000 square foot Queen Anne Victorian. I just signed up to their e-mail list – I want to get involved personally. They’re looking for money – they need around $5 million. Got cash? 🙂

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