Happy Valley Elementary School

Happy Valley Elementary School

Happy Valley Elementary School, located in the Happy Valley neighborhood of Santa Cruz, CA, is renowned for its exceptional academic standards and dedicated teaching staff. This top-rated public school serves students from Kindergarten through to the 6th grade and has maintained a student-teacher ratio of 18 to 1.

School Ranking and Performance

Happy Valley Elementary School is recognized as one of the top-ranking schools in California, securing the 257th position amongst the California Elementary Schools. This ranking is based on the school’s performance on state-required tests, graduation rates, and their student preparation for high school.

Academic Proficiency

Happy Valley Elementary School boasts a high academic proficiency rate, with 77% of its students proficient in Math and an impressive 87% proficient in Reading. These figures are a testament to the school’s commitment to providing quality education.

Teachers’ Experience and Certifications

The school employs a team of experienced teachers, with 77.7% of the teachers having 3 or more years of experience. Furthermore, all full-time teachers at Happy Valley Elementary School are certified, ensuring a high standard of education.

School’s Demographics

The student population at Happy Valley Elementary School is diverse, with an enrollment of 105 students. The demographic breakdown is as follows: 51% of the students are female, while 49% are male. Furthermore, 10% of the students are economically disadvantaged.

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Test Scores

Happy Valley Elementary School’s test scores are notably high. With 77% of students scoring at or above the proficient level for Math and 87% for Reading, the school has demonstrated a strong commitment to academic excellence.Awards & Recognitions

Happy Valley Elementary School’s high ranking has earned it the eligibility to display a U.S. News Best Elementary Schools award badge, a well-deserved recognition of their educational excellence.Equity in Education

Happy Valley Elementary School believes in providing equitable education opportunities for all its students, including those who are disadvantaged. Unfortunately, the state does not provide enough information to calculate an Equity Rating for the school.School’s Environment

Creating a positive culture is a priority at Happy Valley Elementary School. The school is dedicated to nurturing an atmosphere where all students can thrive.Additional Information

The school is situated in a community with a cost of living grade of D minus, but it scores an A minus for being family-friendly. The community’s diversity grade is a B, indicating a racially and economically diverse population.


Happy Valley Elementary School stands as a beacon of educational excellence in Santa Cruz, CA. Their commitment to providing a high-quality learning environment, coupled with their dedication to maintaining high academic standards, makes them a top choice for families in the area.

School’s Location & Contact Information

Happy Valley Elementary School is situated at 3125 Branciforte Drive, Santa Cruz, CA 95065.

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