[M08/S21] How to Manage Showings on your Home

House on Show

Every week, the real estate board holds a “Broker’s Open Tour.” This is an opportunity for all the thousands agents in the area to see your property, and be able to tell their buyers about it. Buyers are also welcome to come to a broker’s open tour, however these are held on weekdays while most buyers are at work. The Savvy Seller Strategy includes holding your house open for buyers. This allows a large number of buyers to go through your home in a short period of time. This will lessen the need for private showings at other times which tend to be a big inconvenience to the homeowner.

The property will usually be held open on the weekends, the time when many buyers are out looking at property. As some buyers may not be able to come by during an open house, they may require a private showing. To facilitate this, with the home owner’s permission, an electronic key box is placed on the property for use by the buyer’s real estate agent.

The most effective use of this keybox is for homes that are vacant; that way, a buyer and his agent can see a home whenever is most convenient for them. As you may be living in your home at the time it’s on the market, it will usually not be convenient to have buyers come by at any time, day or night – therefore, at the seller’s discretion, showings can be limited to certain times of day or showings can be made by appointment only.

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