Jerry Brown and the California Governor’s Mansion

California Governor's Mansion
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California Governor's Mansion

California Governor’s Mansion

A month or so ago, I went to Sacramento for the California Association of Realtors Legislative Day.   I had been hearing about “Leg Day” for years, but this is the first year I’ve attended – and, I must admit, it was a really great experience.  I won’t get into everything that went on at Leg Day, but I wanted to share this video I shot on my iPhone, of California Governor Jerry Brown talking a bit about the newly-restored California Governor’s Mansion, which he recently just moved in to for the first time.

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Video: Jerry Brown and the California Governor’s Mansion

The story of Reagan’s “Taj Mahal” in Carmichael (an unincorporated area just outside the Sacramento city limits) has been reported many times, but hearing the governor tell the tale about how they found the $4 million to refurbish the historic Governor’s mansion – overly baroque and gauche though it may be – was news to me. I think it’s an interesting historical footnote, so I just thought I’d share. 🙂

The mansion had been open to the public for many of the years after the Reagan family moved out (check out the Yelp reviews). As the Governor is now occupying the mansion, it is no longer open to the public. I did however find a document from the California State Parks circa 1981 with a lot of pictures and descriptions of the building which I thought some of you might enjoy.

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