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Something funny happened today as I was out showing property to some clients of mine. We go to this house – I had actually shown it a day or two before to some other clients. The owner is an enthusiast of machines – like cars, motorcycles, motors – I think he is a mechanic or something.


So we are in the back yard, looking at this small aluminum boat of some kind, that’s up on wooden sawhorses. And we are chatting about the property and what could be done with it and all, and we’re looking at the ground down kind of in front of the aluminum boat. There’s something wrapped up in black cloth lying almost underneath the boat.

“What’s that?” someone says. “I think it’s like an outboard motor covered in cloth,” I said – kinda looked like it might be one, there were one or two other outboards lying around. “What if it’s a body?” another of my client asks. We kind of laugh about that, and talk a few moments more…

…and then my client kind of kicks it lightly – more like taps it – with his foot. “Dude,” he says, “I think it is a body!” and we all laugh and say, “Ha ha, that’s not funny.” And he goes, “No, I’m serious!” and nudges it again with his foot.

Then, all of a sudden, the black cloth springs to life – “Hey, what’s going on?!” says some guy who had been sleeping there underneath the black cloth, wrapped up kind of like a mummy, or an outboard motor. There were a few shrieks from the ladies, and a lot of laughter. It turns out, the guy actually lived at the house, but had come home late from a night of partying or something and didn’t want to wake up anyone in the house, so he just crashed out in the back yard.

How can you not love this town?

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