[M06/S02] Living in a Home vs. Selling One

Living in a Home vs. Selling One

The way you live in a home is very different from the way that you should sell a home. This is one reason why, for example, nearly identical tract homes, even on the same street, can sell for significantly different prices.

The way that a home is presented to buyers usually makes a big difference in how much the home is ultimately sold for. It’s difficult to get a home into a “showcase” condition, and it’s also difficult to keep it that way, This helps to explain why some homes take longer to sell than others: homes which don’t look their best from the get-go and aren’t kept looking that way tend to linger on the market longer than those that do.

Make sure you have some help with this: you need to ensure your family, tenants, or housemates are cooperative and on board with the need to keep your home looking its best. Regardless of how cooperative your family is, consider hiring a professional cleaner and or landscaper to come by at least once a week to keep the shine on your home. Your reward will be shortened time on market and a higher sales price.

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