Explore the Wineries and Vineyards of Los Gatos

Los Gatos Winery and Vineyards

Los Gatos wineries’ roots tie back to the late 1880s with vineyards spanning from the Los Gatos mountains to what is today the mid-town region. The rich fertile soil and climate of this town set the perfect stage for the growth and evolution of its thriving wine industry.

Over several decades, Los Gatos wineries have developed distinct varietals and vintage blends, relentlessly expanding their offerings. This evolution reflects their dedication to excellence and innovation guided by the local terrior and tradition.

Testarossa Winery

Stepping into Testarossa Winery promises a flavorful journey of remarkable taste tours. From Chardonnays with light and crisp flavors to bustling, full-bodied Pinot Noirs, each wine offers an unforgettable experience. The ambiance of the historic 19th-century cellars draped in years of winemaking tradition simply enhances the adventure.

The Testarossa Winery, rooted in hills of Los Gatos since 1888, is California’s oldest continuously operating winery, with over 1,000 90+ point ratings to its name.

Breathtakingly sited in the hills of Los Gatos, Testarossa Winery shares stories from grapes to glass since 1888. Today, it is recognized as California’s oldest continuously operating winery, where the legacy of Jesuit Brothers’ winemaking lives on. Year after year, the winery’s accomplishments speak volumes about their vineyards’ quality. Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, Testarossa’s multi-generational appeal is the testament to their timeless craft.

You can visit their tasting room at 300 College Avenue, Los Gatos – just follow the signs to the Novitiate Historic Winery.

Byington Vineyard and Winery

For a flawless wine tasting journey, Byington Vineyard is a must-visit. The vineyard’s selection of award-winning wines, paired with their stunning mountain views, ensures an unforgettable experience.

The success of Byington Vineyard and Winery is deeply rooted in its rich history. Pioneered in 1987, it quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon and is now a popular destination for wine lovers in Los Gatos.

You can visit them at 21850 Bear Creek Rd, Los Gatos, CA.

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Lexington Vineyards

Elevated at over 400 meters in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Lexington Vineyards offers a captivating wine touring experience. The bold vines clinically thrive on the montane terroir, with stunning sceneries adding an exotic taste to the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and other varietals.

Lexington Vineyards was first planted in the year 2000, and is 2300 feet above sea level and 17 miles from the Pacific Ocean. You can visit them at 19501 Skyline Blvd., Woodside, CA 94062

David Bruce Winery

David Bruce Winery is a sublime highlight on the Los Gatos wine landscape. With a strong focus on Pinot Noir, its reputation among wine connoisseurs is well-deserved and acknowledged for its distinctive, high-quality expressiveness.

Established in 1964, David Bruce Winery’s story is one of passion for creating unique wine blends. The heart of their vinification process lies in the art of blending different grape varieties to create an elegant and delectable balance.

You can’t help but admire their commitment to innovation. With a century-old Petite Sirah and older plantings of Zinfandel, they’ve pushed the boundaries of tradition, marrying time-honored practices with a spirit of invention.

Seasonal wine tasting is another must-visit experience here. David Bruce Winery’s stunning vineyard views combined with their fantastic vintages make the tasting experience a joyful ride for both amateurs and seasoned wine enthusiasts.

You can visit them at 21439 Bear Creek Road, Los Gatos, CA.

Loma Prieta Winery

Pay Loma Prieta Winery a visit if you have a yearning for the richest Pinotage. Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, this winery has been celebrated for its romantic blend of South African varietals since 1989.

Apart from indulging in fine wine, you can delight in the annual seasonal festivities at Loma Prieta. The winery’s panoramic vistas serve as the perfect backdrop for wine lovers seeking to marry stunning views with delectable tastes.  The San Jose Mercury News said of them, “the views and vibe at Loma Prieta Winery, set at 2,600 feet above winding Highway 17, are downright mesmerizing!”

You can visit them at 26985 Loma Prieta Way, Los Gatos, CA.

Saison Winery

Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Saison Winer is a fixture on the Los Gatos wine scene, reinventing local wine perceptions with each bottle. The vineyard’s dedication to the geomorphology of the region has them producing unique, high-quality wines that reflect its distinctive terroir.

Embark on a flavor voyage at Saison Winery, where your palate will experience bold, yet balanced blends. With an array of varietals on offer, every sip is a different story and a testament to the relentless pursuit of quality over quantity.

Add Saison Winery to your must-visit list for a taste of Santa Cruz Mountain wine tradition, married with innovative vinification. It’s not merely about wine tasting, but a holistic journey that encapsulates the spirit of the region.

You can visit their tasting room at 346 N. Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos, CA

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House Family Vineyards

House Family Vineyards is renowned for its meticulous winemaking process, ensuring every bottle radiates quality. Their state-of-the-art equipment paired with old-world winemaking techniques give rise to unique, superior-quality wines.

At House Family Vineyards a focus on terroir-driven wines allows for the illustration of the Santa Cruz Mountains’ true essence in their offerings. Attention to detail at each step of the vine-to-bottle journey plays a pivotal role.

Finally, their carefully nurtured vines, grown in the mineral-rich soils of the Santa Cruz Mountains, provide the robust flavors that announce each bottle as unequivocally House Family Vineyards.

You can visit them at 13336 Old Oak Way Saratoga , CA 95070 but reservations are required.

Wrights Station Vineyard and Winery

Wrights Station Winery stands as a testament to exceptional vineyard practices. Nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains, their meticulous approach to farming has refined the quality of their grapes, effectively enriching the profile of their wines.

Chardonnay enthusiasts can’t afford to skip a stop at Wrights Station. They have a coveted lineup of Chardonnay wines, showcasing the grape’s versatility and the winery’s distinct terroir.

Visitors are smitten by the winery’s indoor-outdoor tasting room, offering panoramic views of surrounding vineyards to savor along with their splendid Chardonnays.

Wrights Station has an uncanny knack for creating Chardonnays with balance and complexity, be it minerally, citrusy or vivaciously fruity. It’s similar to experiencing multiple layers of flavor nuances.

Guided tours are a weekly affair, providing insights into their sustainable vineyard practices, and a chance to bond with the passionate minds behind these remarkable wines.

You can visit them at 24250 Loma Prieta Avenue, Los Gatos, CA

Seasonal Activities and Festivals

Immersing yourself in the Los Gatos wine culture is made spectacular by its vibrant seasonal festivities. From the Harvest Wine Walk in autumn, which highlights the fruits of the vine, to the cheery Winter Wine Walk that adds a festive touch to exploring the local wineries.

Each season brings a unique flair to the Los Gatos wine experience. Spring Wine Walk offers a refreshing taste of new releases, Summer Wine Stroll lets you sip while soaking in the warm California sun, while Fall Wine Walk gives a glimpse into the cooling winemaking process. These festivals offer wine enthusiasts an abundant, varied, and delightful immersion into Los Gatos’ wine scene.

Harvest Wine Walk

Let’s raise a glass to the Los Gatos Harvest Wine Walk, an annual autumnal tradition beloved by locals and visitors alike. It’s not just a wine tasting event, it’s more of a community celebration that paints the town in enchanting hues of red, golden, and amber, mirroring the hues of the wine poured at every stop.

During the Harvest Wine Walk, the scenic Downtown Los Gatos transforms into an inviting open-air wine tasting room, showcasing a diverse selection of regional wineries. As you stroll down the festive streets, you’ll discover unique, exquisite wines from over two dozen California vintners, awaiting your palate in charming boutiques and exquisite restaurants.

But what to expect during this epicurean stroll? Well, good conversation, delicious food pairings, live entertainment, and of course, the star of the show, fabulous wines. With each sip, you’ll unravel the intricate wine profiles, flush with vibrant fruit flavors, subtle earthy undertones, and elegant finishes – a delight for any wine enthusiast.

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Spring Wine Walk

The Spring Wine Walk in Los Gatos is a vibrant celebration of the arrival of new wines. It’s when attendees bask in the fresh, verdant views of the vineyards, which are abuzz with activity after the winter dormant season.

This annual event encourages you to stroll around the breathtaking vineyards, sipping on local wines released with the onset of the warm months. From sampling full-bodied reds to delicate whites, your taste buds are in for an absolute treat.

To make the most of your Spring Wine Walk, remember to pre-book your tour as it’s a famed event. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, carry a sunhat and be ready to meet some fantastic winemakers. Let your curiosity about their vinification processes lead your conversations.

Summer Wine Stroll

When summer’s warmth descends upon Los Gatos, it’s time for the highly anticipated Summer Wine Stroll. A delightful affair, it offers an immersion into a variety of flavors from celebrated local wineries in a vibrant, sun-drenched setting.

Engaging and educative, the Summer Wine Stroll escorts you through some sparkling wines, full-bodied reds, and light, breezy whites. The sun’s glow, paired with the serenade of good wine and great company, ensures every sip is a memory.

The Summer Wine Stroll isn’t just about wine. It’s an engaging exploration of Los Gatos’s winery scene, where you get to meet the winemakers, learn about viniculture practices, and immerse yourself in the nuances of wine tasting.

Through the winding vineyards, under the azure sky, the Summer Wine Stroll offers an unparalleled wine experience. As you indulge in the nectar of the vines, you’re truly appreciating the fruits of Los Gatos’s rich winemaking history.

Fall Wine Walk

One often finds the aromatic wonders of the Fall Wine Walk in Los Gatos to be a memorable experience. The event weaves together the essence of autumn, with its crisp air and falling leaves, with the exquisite flavors of locally produced wines.

An annual showcase, the Fall Wine Walk presents the premium wine tasting rooms of Los Gatos. It’s an excellent opportunity for wine enthusiasts to explore the eclectic selections in one emotionally-charged season.

Moving from door to door along the charming Los Gatos streets, attendees taste their way through the expedition. Each stop reveals a new tasting room, each with its distinct collection of rich, robust fall flavors.

Wine varietals produced from handcrafted local vineyards offer an unparalleled experience on the Fall Wine Walk. The aroma of ripe grapes, the visual spectacle of changing leaves and the taste of unique wines make it a sensory delight.

Inspired by the spirit of the harvest season, the Walk also features local artisans, live music, and special food pairings. It adds a cultural milieu to the journey, enhancing enjoyment of the delicious wines on offer.

Winter Wine Walk

It’s quite a spectacle when winter descends on Los Gatos, not least for its beloved Winter Wine Walk. Set amidst old-world charm and twinkling lights, wineries of the region open their doors for an enchanting exploration beyond the tasting rooms.

From the cozy ambiance of Wrights Station Winery to the spectacular views at House Family Vineyards, each winery provides a unique experience during these winter soirees. The crisp air carries with it a hint of oak and ripe blackberries, a sensory delight as you meander down the vineyard trails.

Savor the warmth of spiced wines, or delight in earthy Pinots as you make your way through various tasting rooms. Winter Wine Walk allows you to experience the richness of Los Gatos’s wines, coupled with the comforting chill of the season.

These events often see the mingling of seasonal wine enthusiasts, local viticulturists, and those with a finesse for all things wine. Mark your calendars for this yearly spectacle, and join Los Gatos as it offers a winter toast to its coveted wines.

Weekly Tours

Experience the authentic spirit of Los Gatos firsthand with personalized Weekly Tours that offer unique insights into the region’s wineries. Whether an avid wine enthusiast or newbie, it’s the ultimate way to decipher the richness and variation in Los Gatos wines.

Weekly Tours are the perfect chance to unearth the hidden gems of Los Gatos’ wineries. Each tour brings to life the region’s rich wine culture through curated tastings and behind-the-scene experiences, making you feel a part of the local wine story.

Los Gatos Wine Walks

Taking a Wine Walk through Los Gatos is the perfect way to explore the region’s rich wine heritage. You’ll step foot in one-of-a-kind wineries, sampling unique wines while absorbing fascinating history.

Each Los Gatos Wine Walk offers a fun-filled journey into the very heart of Los Gatos wineries. It’s an exhilarating ride, full of pleasant surprises and refreshing splashes of wine.

A must-try activity for wine enthusiasts, the Wine Walks let you explore the intricate maze of Los Gatos wineries. Let your senses indulge in the aroma, taste, and feel of the local winesdr

Every week, Los Gatos Wine Walks sets an invigorating pace for you to explore, pamper your palate, and soak up knowledge. It’s a journey that touches your heart and quenches your thirst for wine.

Los Gatos Wine Socials

Los Gatos Wine Socials are more than just tasting events – they’re a ritual, an embodiment of the local lifestyle. With a stemmed glass in hand, patrons swap stories, share laughs, and toast to the feisty spirit of Los Gatos.

The cultural clink of glasses in these socials isn’t merely about the wine, it’s about what Los Gatos embodies: congeniality, warmth, and a discerning taste for fine wine. These socials set the town tone, essentially making wine a significant thread in the community’s fabric.

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