[M06/S05] When Buyers are In the House

When Buyers are in the House

Any time a buyer is in the house, you’ll want to control their experience of your home as much as possible. Of critical importance is that you’ll want to keep the kitchens and bathrooms clean. You can stash dirty dishes in the dishwasher, that’s OK – but don’t leave them out on the counters or in the sink. Make sure the bathrooms are clean and as dry as possible, with no damp towels left around and hair dryers and personal care products put away.

If you have kids, that’s going to be an extra challenge to get them to keep their rooms clean and their toys put away. One thing that might help is flat-out bribery: give them a bonus in their allowance or some other incentive to keep them motivated to always make their rooms look spic and span.

To maintain curb appeal, consider hiring a landscaper to come once per week for an hour or two. That’s all most homes will need to keep the landscaping looking good, and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Remember, you’ll only need the landscaper for a few weeks, just until you get under contract (or perhaps a little longer, just to be safe).

When buyers are in the house, it’s a good idea for you not to be. If for whatever reason you will be on the property while the buyers are there, be as unobtrusive and as accommodating as possible.

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