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Santa Cruz Maps

Santa Cruz Maps

I am not sure how many of you have found this yet, but on this web site there is a great resource for Santa Cruz Maps. Anyone in the Real Estate profession in Santa Cruz is a map-hand – Realtors are always looking at maps: streep maps, parcel maps, topographic maps, etc. Whenever I find a cool mapping resource, I put it in the Santa Cruz Maps section of my web site.

I mention this because today I discovered a new mapping resource that had heretofore escaped my attention: The Santa Cruz GIS Map Gallery. There is a link to the Map Gallery from the GIS Web Site, but somehow it had escaped my attention all these years. It could be that they added this with the upgrade they did to the GIS system a few months back and that’s why I hadn’t seen it. Anyway, the Map Gallery is definitely worth checking out. They have a variety of high-resolution PDF documents that show a variety of interesting things in Santa Cruz County: the location of every lake, river, and stream, for example, as well as Steelhead and Salmon distribution on a separate biotic resources map. Pretty cool stuff!

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