Most Popular Coffee Shops in Sunnyvale

Hey, coffee enthusiasts!

Sunnyvale’s coffee scene is buzzing, and three spots are leading the charge: Coffee & More, Philz Coffee, and Cocohodo.

Coffee & More is more than just a caffeine fix; it’s a cozy spot where locals gather for their daily dose of energy. Philz Coffee, on the other hand, is where magic happens in every cup—customized coffee concoctions that’ll make your taste buds dance with joy. Picture this: Cocohodo, where coffee swirls into a delightful tango with Korean snacks, brewing a flavor fusion that hooks customers time and again.

Feel the vibes at each spot, from the chill hangout ambiance to the artisanal coffee artisans and the delicious harmony of coffee and delectable bites. Whether you’re craving a relaxed setting, a custom-made cup of java, or the perfect combo of coffee and snacks, these places are serving up something uniquely special for every coffee craver!

So, if you’re in Sunnyvale and in dire need of a coffee fix or simply looking for a cozy spot to unwind, these three coffee havens are definitely worth a visit!

Coffee & More

100 S Murphy Ave Ste 1, Sunnyvale, CA

Coffee & More stands as the go-to spot for a caffeine fix in Downtown Sunnyvale, drawing coffee aficionados with its delightful brews and cozy atmosphere.

With a top-notch coffee machine, their drinks hit the right spot. While it bustles with activity, it’s a perfect rendezvous for friends, although not the best spot for work due to the bustling ambiance. There’s limited indoor seating and a single restroom, but the few outdoor tables and nearby parking make it convenient.

The lattes and cold brews have a loyal following, but the true MVP of this spot is the orange cranberry muffin—it’s a flavor-packed sensation! The breakfast sandwich, featuring ham and spinach, hits the spot, too. What seals the deal is the welcoming atmosphere crafted by the amiable owner and staff. And here’s the cherry on top: they’re pet-friendly, so you can share your coffee adventures with your furry buddies!

On a sunny Saturday morning, this café buzzes with visitors heading to the farmers’ market. Their iced matcha latte with oat milk stands out, a creamy delight for matcha enthusiasts. With reasonable prices and a range of food options, from avocado toast to salads and sandwiches, Coffee & More wraps you in a pleasant coffee-sipping experience.

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Philz Coffee

125 S Frances St, Sunnyvale, CA

Philz Coffee is that ultimate college hangout, a comfy spot where you can hit the books and savor your coffee fix in a cozy, relaxed vibe.

It’s like a cozy nook filled with seats, inside and outside, where you can dive into the buzz, share vibes, and hustle together. With a plethora of coffee options, Philz caters to every palate, whether you’re into bold, light, hot, or cold brews. The customization here is king, ensuring your drink is precisely as you like it.

Their menu isn’t just the usual suspects; they throw in funky mixes like the Mocha Tesora and Jacobs wonderbar, taking your taste buds on an epic quest.

The staff, hustling behind the counter, manages the bustling orders efficiently, ensuring every cup meets the customer’s satisfaction. Parking options nearby make it convenient for a quick stop or a leisurely coffee break.

For a delightful kick, patrons rave about the Mint Mojito, served extra creamy and sweet, a refreshingly perfect option to uplift your spirits.


1082 E El Camino Real Ste 6, Sunnyvale, CA

Cocohodo, nestled near Hankook Supermarket on El Camino, is a hidden gem where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee blends with the vibe of Kpop beats. A haven for studying or working, it’s a quiet space with reliable Wi-Fi and ample seating where the big mug attendees surprisingly haven’t taken over, allowing you to choose your cozy corner and enjoy a peaceful ambiance.

Their assortment of walnut puffs, albeit a tad pricey, is a delightful treat for your taste buds. With flavors like Nutella, cream cheese, hot dog, and red bean, these bites come with a dough reminiscent of taiyaki but with the delightful addition of walnuts. Meanwhile, the coffee, while leaning towards the creamier side, complements these treats perfectly.

Beyond being a workspace, Cocohodo boasts an array of scrumptious desserts. From the ever-popular cookies and cream waffles to the delightful cookies and cream-shaved ice, each dessert is a delightful journey for chocolate and Oreo lovers. The shaved ice, in particular, emerges as a stunning masterpiece, as appealing to the eyes as it is to the palate.

The ambiance changes throughout the day, attracting a diverse crowd. In the daytime, it’s a meeting point for older folks socializing, while evenings lure in the younger crowd. The staff, friendly and accommodating, ensures a pleasant experience, making Cocohodo a go-to spot for a sweet escape in Sunnyvale. If you fancy a cozy spot to indulge in delightful treats or get some work done, Cocohodo is the place to be.

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