[M08/S14] Preparation Phase 1

SellForSure Home Preparation Phase 1

The first steps our advanced marketing strategy begin before your home is listed on the market. The very first step is to perform a market analysis on your home, to determine the most likely sales price for your home. This includes an as-is price – without doing a thing to the home, and what the property could sell for, with some repairs and cosmetic improvements.

In this phase, the seller should also obtain a home inspection and termite inspection. These reports will be made available to the buyer so the buyer is aware, before they make an offer, of the condition of your home. Once you have the results of the inspections, additional repair bids may be obtained. Depending on the marketing strategy, it may not be necessary to do any repairs whatsoever – but regardless, it will be important to have bids for any significant repairs be in the disclosure package made available to the buyer.

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