[M08/S17] Preparation Phase 4

SellForSure Home Selling System Phase 4

Marketing materials are an essential aspect of selling your home. Poor marketing materials may not show your property in the best possible light, and will diminish the number of buyers who ultimately pass through the door.

We will create professional, high-quality printed materials that convey information about your property in a visually-compelling way. Our services include the design and printing of brochures, postcards, print advertisements, and signage as necessary.

Your property will also be featured with an exclusive “single property web site” on this site which shows your property and nothing else. The site will feature photos and video tours of your home so prospective buyers can see it up-close-and-personal, inside and out! This page will allow buyers to download public marketing materials such as the property brochure or flyer, loan details, and the property’s love letter and list of features and benefits. In addition, they are able to view the open house schedule, request a private showing, or request further information about the property.

With your permission, we will also install high quality, visible listing signage at the home. The signage includes a rider for our mobile marketing program, which allows buyers to request more information about the property via their mobile phones, instantly, 24/7 on your home.

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