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Saw this in the Register-Pajaronian a couple days ago:

Castro Adobe to be restored

Actually, I have no idea what the Castro Adobe is. Well, I do, now that I have read the article, and I’ll be following up on it, at least to know where it is, so I can go check it out next time I down that way. This is a project that is reminiscent of the Redman House Project – another historical home preservation effort.

To me, it’s not so important if a 1950’s tract home gets bulldozed to put up an oversize house on a postage-sized lot somehwere out in Live Oak. Once we get down to a half-dozen or so 1950’s tract homes, we can maybe start worrying about preserving them. But unique properties such as the Castro Adobe or the Redman House deserve to be saved. Properties like this help tell the rich history of Santa Cruz county – a history that is easily forgotten in the fast pace of modern living.

Everyone wants to know…

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