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Being a Realtor is really an interesting business. The thing that’s most interesting about it is that it touches upon so many aspects of life! Shelter, of course, is one of the most fundamental things about life – right up there with food, air, and water. Speaking of Shelter, I’d like to turn y’all on to a great book:

The Sidewalk Companion to Santa Cruz Architecture

I’ve seen this book a bunch of times in the windows of Border’s Bookstore – although I am sure that they have it at Bookshop Santa Cruz and who knows, maybe even Logo’s. Capitola Book CafĂ©? More than likely. But I shop at Borders, even though I know that I’m probably hurrying about the coming of the apocalypse for giving my hard-earned money to another corporate giant.

I really enjoy reading this book! It talks a lot about Santa Cruz History, and the people who helped to build the city – it’s got a lot of local history in there. It won’t be mistaken for anything like a People’s History of the United States, but that’s OK: it’s mostly about our local architecture. What’s nice about it is that it really is a walking tour book – you can walk around the neighborhoods and learn about the buildings that you see there. It also has a lot of information on buildings that used to exist, before they burned down or were ruined in the quake of 1989.

Everyone wants to know…

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