Santa Cruz is Better than Salinas

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The title of this blog entry may sound outrageous to some, but I expect that most folks in Santa Cruz would greet it with a shrug, perhaps a roll of the eyes. “Well, of course Santa Cruz is better than Salinas.” Like, what could be more obvious?


Well, now the people at no less an authority than Forbes Magazine, have weighed in on the subject. It seems Forbes magazine published a list of the 200 “Best Places for Businesses and Careers.”

[From Salinas is Last on Forbes’ List]

Salinas came in dead last at 200 while Santa Cruz was not too far ahead, ranking 187.

So there we go, it’s official. Santa Cruz is better than Salinas, but according to Forbes, Santa Cruz can take scant consolation, as we are pretty down near the bottom of the list. The full list can be viewed here:

Forbes Magazine 2008 Best Places for Businesses and Careers

It seems that California just isn’t a good place for business or a career, despite the fact that California is the largest and most dynamic economy in the United States, and in in January 2007 (some ways into the slide of the dollar), California was ranked the eighth largest economy in the world.

The highest ranked city in California on the Forbes List? Santa Ana, California – at Number 94.

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