Santa Cruz Real Estate June 2012 Market Update

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Santa Cruz Real Estate Market Statistics

The numbers for the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market in May 2012 are in – and things are looking up, WAY up, compared to both the month prior and the month a year ago. The median home price in Santa Cruz County in May 2012 came in at $527,500 – up a whopping 18% from May 2011, and up also from $487,500 in April 2012.

Not only was the Santa Cruz median home price up, the number of homes sold was also up dramatically – with 216 closed homes in May 2012, compared to 147 in May 2011 and 149 the month prior in April 2012.

To get the full report, broken down by different areas of the county and also by Single Family Residences as well as Condominiums, click here to download the full the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market Trends newsletter.

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