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Catchy title, ain’t it? No, I’m not starting a new blog about how you can use your iPhone in your Santa Cruz Real Estate business. There are precious few Realtors using iPhones for some reason. Maybe it’s because AT&T’s network coverage sucks, and when you’re way up in the woods or down in some valley, Verizon creams AT&T. Mmmm, could be! Aside from AT&T’s coverage, what’s not to love about the iPhone?

But I’m not here (at the moment) to talk about my experiences using the iPhone in my Real Estate practice. No no. I’m here to say that if you, dear civilian reader, have an iPhone, I invite you to check out my blog using your iPhone.


There’s a groovy plug-in for WordPress (the software that runs this blog) called wptouch and it converts a WordPress blog into an iPhone-friendly format. Now, I know what you’re saying – hey, the iPhone renders almost every Internet page brilliantly and perfectly, why do you need an iPhone-friendly format?

Good question. The iPhone does, in fact, render almost all pages perfectly and amazingly. But there’s no getting around the fact that the screen is small. Some web sites have specially formatted iPhone pages that rethink the web page paradigm for a smaller screen. Like – check that out on your iPhone. It’s fabulous.

And now, check out my blog on your iPhone. It’s fabulous, too.

I have to credit the Phoenix Real Estate Guy for turning me on to this. He doesn’t actually know I exist, but I read his blog, and his blog is also now iPhone ready. Even though he doesn’t have an iPhone himself. Hmmm, you’d think that Phoenix wouldn’t have too many mountains and valleys and that even AT&T could provide good reception. Apparently not.

Anyway, thanks for the tip, Phoenix Real Estate Guy!

Hate to wait?

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