[M08/S02] Savvy Seller Strategy Guarantees

100% Guaranteed

The Savvy Seller Strategy offers a number of guarantees:

  • Easy-Out Guarantee
  • Communication Guarantee

How can we provide so many guarantees about getting a home sold? The reason is simple: we are sure that the system works. It’s a time-tested and proven formula that works. As you learn more about the system, we’re sure you’ll agree.

We want to ensure that you are totally satisfied with our service. That’s why we offer our easy out guarantee: if at any time while your property is listed, you become dissatisfied with the service you’re receiving, you may cancel the listing agreement. It’s that simple.

When home owners are surveyed, one of their top complaints about the service they receive during the home sales process is how little communication they receive from their agent or broker. To address that, we have a communication guarantee built into our service agreement. We guarantee to call you at least once per week for a personal and verbal check-in, to let you know what’s going on with the sale of your home. If a week goes by and you don’t hear from us, we’ll credit you $100 at closing for every week we’re late. While we will of course use email and text messages to communicate with you throughout the process, we find that taking the time to chat really helps fill in the blanks and make sure that any concern you may have is being properly addressed.

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