Slow news day

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Well, it’s a slow news day. Every morning I scan the headlines to see what’s new. A couple of days back, I don’t know if you heard, but Santa Cruz Title is consolidating its operations, getting rid of two offices. Also a couple of days back, I read an interesting article in, of all places, the Modesto Bee about the new California Gold Rush – REO property. As anyone who is out there seriously looking to pick up some bargain real estate knows, these cheap homes have lots of bidders. The market overall may be in the tank, but hey, when a property is seriously under-priced, people go after them like sharks for blood in the water.

But all that is yesterday’s news. Today, no fresh crisis has yet to erupt, but hey, it’s only 8:00 AM, give it time. But I wanted to use this moment of comparative calm to get caught up.


Oops, I forgot – WAMU is scaling back its mortgage operations considerably.

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