[M08/S25] The Two Week Review Cycle

Reviewing Offers on your Home

If the Savvy Seller Strategy has been implemented in its entirety, and if the price of the home has in fact been set correctly, most sellers will have offers to review at the first Two Week Review Cycle.

The system is designed to garner multiple offers in this time period, because multiple offers always put the seller in a much stronger negotiating position. However, even if only one offer is obtained, the seller is still in a good position to negotiate, as the home will not have been long on the market, and will clearly be an outstanding value as compared to other homes on the market the buyer might choose to offer on.

Remember that “New” is what sells. Even after two weeks, your listing can start to look a little stale. We recommend changing up the main MLS photo, and also play around with the description of the home. Do what you can to catch a buyer’s eye who may have passed over the listing the first time around.

If no offers have been obtained after two weeks on the market, another two week marketing cycle begins, with two more weekends of open houses and another broker’s open tour. If after four weekends of open houses, two broker’s open tours, and the rest of the Savvy Seller Strategy – no offers have been generated, it is an indication that the price has been set too high and requires and adjustment.

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