Tips for Creating a Stellar Home Office in a Small Home

Home Office

There are many benefits that come with working from home. You don’t have to commute to an office, you can set your own hours, and you have minimal overhead to deal with if you are starting a business, to name a few.

However, whether you are telecommuting part-time, full-time, or working as an entrepreneur, you need a space to call your own that allows you to work efficiently. And if you live in a small home, it can be challenging to create a workspace that helps you to separate your work and home life. But it’s possible! Here are some tips for putting together a home office in a small living space.

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Think about Your Needs

First of all, what do you need from your home office? Consider the type of work you do and the equipment and space you will need to do it productively. Do you need a desktop, printer, shredder, multiple filing cabinets, and a brainstorming station? Or will a laptop, small desk, and chair suffice? Evaluating your needs will help you determine the location and layout of your workspace.

Get Cash

Even budget-friendly home offices require you to invest something, whether it’s in equipment, paint, decor, storage solutions, or any other number of items. Draw up a plan to see how much your workspace will cost, and if you don’t have the cash set aside for it, consider refinancing your mortgage.

By refinancing a home, you will replace your existing mortgage with a new, larger one. The money left over will go to you as cash, which you can then use to create your home office. A lot goes into refinancing your mortgage, however, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you commit to it.

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Get your Equipment

Having the right equipment is key to working from home successfully. While you may have specific needs depending on your field, here are some basic equipment necessities for remote work:

  • A quality desk
  • A comfortable chair
  • A suitable laptop and/or desktop computer
  • A reliable WiFi router
  • Access to charging for equipment and devices

If your work requires—or could benefit from—the use of a mouse, then make sure you go with an ergonomic option. There are several top-notch models on the market, so read reviews to determine which one is best for you. Keep in mind that wireless capability and ease-of-use are important factors.

Assess the Lighting

Lighting is critical when it comes to staying productive in your home office. If possible, maximize your exposure to natural light by setting up your workspace near windows. Also, be sure to invest in quality LED or halogen task lights, as well as overhead lighting if necessary.

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Combine Style and Function

A small living space means that you have to make the most of every inch. When creating a workspace, much of this comes down to the equipment and fixtures you choose. Try to find a desk that fits your space well but also provides ample space to work comfortably, and look to appealing, functional decor like shelving and under-desk storage bins.

Keep it Tidy

Lastly, keep your workspace organized each day. Keeping clutter to a minimum will help you concentrate and promote productivity. One good thing about having a small office is that it’s easier to keep clean; just make sure that organizing it is part of your daily routine.

Having a workspace that promotes productivity is essential to succeeding as a remote worker. Consider your needs when determining where to put your office and how to arrange it, and look into refinancing your mortgage if you need extra funds to cover costs. Make sure your workspace has all the equipment and lighting it needs, and look for stylish equipment and fixtures that help you optimize space. Finally, be sure to keep your home office clean and tidy!

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