Top-Rated Pre-Schools in Sunnyvale

Step right into the enchanting world of preschool  wonders, where little giggles, curiosity that knows no bounds, and adventures that seem to stretch forever converge in a delightful dance. Picture a pre-school, not just a space for childcare but a cozy haven where young minds and hearts unfurl like the petals of a blooming flower. If you’re looking to discover the top-rated pre-schools in Sunnyvale, read on!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through Sunnyvale’s crème de la crème pre-schools, where sunshine isn’t just a sky thing—it’s in every beaming smile, each warm hug, and every little adventure that transforms ordinary days into the extraordinary. In this sun-soaked slice of paradise, pre-schools aren’t mere drop-off points; they’re lively communities bursting with caregivers and educators on a mission to craft the ultimate blend of safety, fun, and early education.

Precious Moments Preschool

830 W Evelyn Ave, Sunnyvale, CA

Precious Moments Preschool, located at 830 W Evelyn Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, offers a comprehensive and nurturing environment for children aged 18 months to 6 years. This preschool stands out for its commitment to providing a holistic educational experience, combining a well-rounded curriculum with nutrition and enriched programs. The focus at Precious Moments is on creating a safe and supportive environment where children can develop fundamental skills and habits crucial for school success. The center emphasizes the importance of preschool language and literacy, believing these to be vital skills for children’s development.

The staff at Precious Moments are trained and qualified, ensuring that children receive quality education in a positive, safe learning environment. The preschool operates with small class sizes to maintain individual attention to each child’s needs. Alongside its educational offerings, Precious Moments functions as a daycare, providing a versatile solution for preschool-aged children. The school takes pride in offering a setting where children can play, grow, and gain the confidence and security needed to develop into their unique selves.

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Right Start Preschool

895 Lori Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA

Right Start Preschool in Sunnyvale, CA, offers a nurturing and inclusive environment where children can grow and develop at their own pace. This warm and loving preschool is family-based, creating an optimal environment for children’s overall growth and well-being. The teachers at Right Start are not only kind and professional but also highly experienced, ensuring that each child receives personalized care and education.

The school has been recognized for its excellence, having been accredited four times by the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC). Additionally, it serves as a mentor site for the California Mentor Program, where Early Childhood Education (ECE) students from local colleges receive training and mentorship.

Right Start Preschool has received notable accolades, including the Award of Excellence in Early Care and Education from the City of Sunnyvale in both 2005 and 2006. The Mayor of Sunnyvale honored the preschool in 2009, reflecting its significant impact on the community.

The programs at Right Start are designed to cater to a wide age range, offering both a year-round program for Kindergarten readiness and a toddler preschool program for children aged 2 to 5 years. The preschool maintains a low teacher-to-child ratio, ensuring individual attention, and offers both full-day and half-day care options.

Sunnyvale Christian School

45 South Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA

stands out for its focus on developing leaders through compassion, collaboration, competence, and creativity. Offering a balanced mix of academic and play-based learning, the school caters to families seeking a blend of educational excellence and biblical values. The curriculum includes activities for developing pre-reading skills, motor skills, and even guides children to trace their name by the end of their time at the preschool, ensuring a well-rounded educational foundation

Challenger Pre-School

1185 Hollenbeck Ave, Sunnyvale, CA

The Challenger School Preschool Program in Sunnyvale, CA, offers a robust and comprehensive educational experience for young learners. This program is designed to lay a solid foundation for future learning, encompassing a variety of subjects and activities that cater to the overall development of children.

At Challenger, a strong emphasis is placed on reading and phonics. The school uses phonics to teach students to read, helping them understand how letter sounds blend to form words. This method moves away from rote memorization towards a more engaging and interactive learning process. Even at a young age, Challenger preschoolers are introduced to simple sentences and begin reading small books, fostering confidence in their reading abilities【46†source】.

The math curriculum at Challenger is engaging and interactive, utilizing songs and activities to help students remember numbers and geometric shapes. Children learn to count, recognize place value, and understand the concept of quantity. This hands-on approach with story problems helps them grasp basic arithmetic concepts like addition and subtraction.

The preschool program also includes explorations in science and history, fueling the natural curiosity of children. Students learn about a variety of topics, from dinosaurs and insects to weather and plants. These lessons not only improve focus and concentration but also encourage students to ask questions and use reasoning to understand the world around them.

Music education is a significant part of the curriculum, where children learn to sing, play simple percussion instruments, and dance. This aspect of the program emphasizes rhythm and beat, and encourages self-expression. The school also organizes performances where children can showcase their musical and intellectual skills.

Art is another key component, where children learn to identify basic shapes in objects and develop skills like cutting, gluing, painting, drawing, and sculpting. Additionally, the curriculum includes activities to strengthen small muscles and improve dexterity, as well as develop large motor skills through activities that promote balance, spatial awareness, and coordination.

Overall, Challenger School’s preschool program in Sunnyvale offers a rich and varied curriculum that balances academic learning with physical, social, and creative development, ensuring a well-rounded early education for its students.

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