Vine Hill Elementary School

Vine Hill Elementary School

Vine Hill Elementary School is nestled in the beautiful city of Scotts Valley, California. Known for its excellent academic programs and enriching extracurricular activities, this school is a beacon of knowledge and growth for students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. It’s a part of the Scotts Valley Unified School District, consistently demonstrating high academic progress and test scores.

Academic Excellence

Vine Hill Elementary School prides itself on achieving high academic standards. With an academic progress score of 7/10, the school’s students consistently make notable strides from one grade to the next, outpacing their peers at other state schools in terms of progress. The school’s test scores sit far above the state average, indicating that the majority of students are performing at or above their grade level.

Equity in Education

The school is also known for its commitment to fostering equity in education. Underserved students at Vine Hill Elementary are performing better than other students in the state, although there might still be some achievement gaps that need to be addressed.

Student Demographics and Environment

Vine Hill Elementary School’s student demographics reflect a diverse and inclusive community. The school strives to create a positive culture that nurtures all students, helping them thrive in their academic journey. The school’s teachers and staff are dedicated and committed to providing the best educational experience for the students.

Quality of Teachers

The quality of teachers at Vine Hill Elementary School is exceptional, with 100% of the full-time teachers being certified. However, the school does not have a full-time counselor, which is something that could be considered for future improvements.

Academic Performance in Math and Reading

When it comes to academic performance, Vine Hill Elementary School students are ahead of the curve. In math, 62% of students scored at or above the proficient level, while 69% achieved the same in reading. These scores are higher than the state average, demonstrating the school’s success in fostering strong academic skills among its students.

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Distinctive Programs at Vine Hill Elementary School

Vine Hill Elementary School is more than just academics. The school offers a variety of enriching programs that cater to the different interests of its students. Let’s take a look at some of these unique offerings.

Dance Program

In collaboration with Tandy Beal & Company and Gina Garcia, Vine Hill Elementary School offers an engaging dance program. This initiative takes students on a metaphorical journey around the world, enhancing their sensory experiences through the art of dance.

Life Lab – Garden Education

The Life Lab is a remarkable space filled with wonder. Here, students learn about water conservation and composting, plant various vegetables, and even use the food they grow to create dishes. This hands-on experience not only educates them about the environment but also allows them to appreciate the beauty of nature.


Vine Hill Elementary School’s library is a treasure trove of books. Mrs. Peterson, the school librarian, shares stories with the students, fostering a love for reading before they check out books of their own.

Art Program

The school’s art program encourages students to explore different cultures and customs while creating their own masterpieces. This program not only nurtures creativity but also promotes cultural sensitivity among the students.

Address and Contact Information

Vine Hill Elementary School is located at 151 Vine Hill School Rd., Scotts Valley, CA 95066-3211. You can reach the school at (831) 438-1090 or fax at (831) 438-4087. For more information, you can visit the school’s official website at


Vine Hill Elementary School offers a comprehensive educational experience, blending rigorous academics with a variety of enriching programs. With its dedicated staff, high-quality teachers, and a nurturing environment, it’s no wonder why this school is a top choice for many families in Scotts Valley, California.

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