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No, we won’t have a cool bus like the guy in Stockton did as seen on 60 Minutes. But here’s what we do have: a bunch of folks interested in buying some investment-grade real estate down in Watsonville. We’re going to meet at my office in Capitola on Saturday, March 1 at 11 AM, and then make our way down to Watsonville. So far, most of the folks who are coming along are from the Santa Cruz Real Estate Investment Club, which I mentioned a few blog entries ago. If you’re not a member, this might be a good chance to meet some of the people involved and see if maybe you’d like to join too.

We are going to see about a half-dozen different REO properties that are presently for sale, all of which represent good opportunities for investors. I just spent the last hour or so going through every house and condo listing from Larkin Valley down through Watsonville, and I found that there are seventy listed REOs in that area.

Most of these REOs are not what I’d call investor grade – most of them are consumer grade, which is to say, they are priced for owner-occupants, not for investors. Investors need to pay less than retail consumers, because a true investor is looking for cash flow with a relatively small down payment – that is, he’s looking to actually get a return on his investment month to month, just as if he had it invested in an IRA or something.

But there are a few investor grade listings out there, and that’s what we’re going to be seeing this coming Saturday, March 1. If you are interested, just meet us outside my office at 3555 Clares Street (Suite WW) – next to the Fresh Choice Restaurant. We’ll probably want to carpool, but if you want to follow along, that’s fine – we will make copies of the properties we are going to see, if you have a GPS unit in your car or know Watsonville well, feel free to drive by yourself and just meet us at each property in turn.

I hope you can join us!

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