5 Fun Things to do in Cupertino

Fun things to do in Cupertino

Howdy there, explorers! Cupertino’s playground of fun is ready for your grand entrance! Swing into Deep Cliff Golf Course for a round of golf amidst the greenery, or head to Fujitsu Planetarium for an out-of-this-world stargazing experience. If you’re looking for fun tings to do in Cupertino, dive right in!

Have you ever dreamed of teeing off in the fresh air with lush greens surrounding you? Deep Cliff Golf Course is your haven for a swing or two amidst stunning landscapes. If you’re into stars and space, Fujitsu Planetarium will whisk you away on a cosmic journey you won’t forget.

Calling all art aficionados! The Euphrat Museum of Art is a treasure trove of creativity that’ll ignite your imaginative spark. Don’t miss the Apple Park Visitor Center for an innovation-packed journey into everything Apple!

Nature lovers, lace up your boots for McClellan Ranch Preserve! It’s your ticket to tranquil trails and up-close encounters with wildlife. Adventure beckons!

#1: Play a Game at The Deep Cliff Golf Course

10700 Clubhouse Ln, Cupertino, CA

Deep Cliff Golf Course is an old-school gem reminiscent of scenes from Caddy Shack! It’s a local hangout with groups of seniors enjoying a swing. This par 60 course, sans par 5s, offers loads of par 3s and a few par 4s, making it a test of iron accuracy. The beautiful array of mature trees, from towering redwoods to sprawling oaks, sets the stage for a visually delightful stroll.

Well-kept tee boxes and those zippy greens surely spice up the game! But, hey, nailing those yardage assessments can be a bit tricky for some. Yet, that challenge is like a magnet drawing you back in for more fun. It might be a hidden gem, but it’s a breeze to find! Expect waiting times during busier hours, but it’s perfect for honing approach shots and practicing par 3s. A round here is ideal for a quick, satisfying golf fix!

#2: Watch The Stars at The Fujitsu Planetarium

21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA

At the Fujitsu Planetarium, get ready for a cosmic joyride into the unknown! For everyone, from curious kiddos to seasoned stargazers, these shows are a cosmic delight!

The high-tech projections and out-of-this-world sound effects whisk you away on an interstellar adventure. What’s so special about this place? The staff! They’re the cosmic guides fueling your excitement, answering every question, and shining bright with their love for astronomy. Sure, it can get a bit snug indoors, but the mind-blowing visuals and educational stuff totally make up for any space squeeze. It’s a must-visit for anyone eager to explore the universe’s mysteries!

Trust me, it leaves everyone—no matter the age—spellbound and starry-eyed!

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#3: Tour One Of California’s Most Gorgeous Museums, the Euphrat Museum of Art

21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA

The Euphrat Museum of Art, tucked within De Anza College, is a real find, offering free exhibits and buzzing community events. Though cozy, this spot dazzles with a mix of displays showcasing the talents of local artists.

Their themed showcases, such as “Ancestral Journeys,” weave a story of identity and migration through diverse art forms, truly a treat for art lovers. And it’s more than just art on display; they’re into cool stuff like after-school art classes in local schools, all part of their groovy community initiatives.

Even for non-museum fans like me, this place’s bite-sized dose of artistry is a perfect match!

#4: Explore The Latest Technological Advancements at the Apple Park Visitor Center

10600 North Tantau Ave, Cupertino, CA

The Apple Park Visitor Center isn’t just an ordinary store; it’s a techno-wonderland for all the Apple aficionados out there! From unique limited-edition Apple merchandise like hats, T-shirts, and exclusive keychains to a virtual reality center that feels like pure magic, this place has the coolest Apple gear you can’t find anywhere else.

For tech enthusiasts, the virtual reality experience is mind-blowing! Using an iPad, watch the 3-D image come alive, thanks to some cutting-edge AI technology. And let’s not forget the European-style café offering delightful pastries, drinks, and a cozy ambiance to soak up. Plus, the sales floor boasts an array of Apple products, including elusive T-shirts and baby onesies.

With friendly staff and an atmosphere that feels like Steve Jobs’ spirit, visiting this spaceship-like building is a memorable must-do!

#5: Go For a Hike at The McClellan Ranch Preserve

22221 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA

Nestled in the heart of Cupertino, the McClellan Ranch Preserve isn’t your average wildlife spot; it’s a vibrant, nature-filled retreat with surprises at every turn! Venture down the winding paths and brace yourself for a delightful encounter. Friendly young guides are on hand to introduce you to their charming office critters—pigs, alpacas, and even a gopher snake you might hold!

It’s not just about walking; it’s a whole experience! Enjoy a leisurely jaunt down the paved trail, complete with creature comforts: public restrooms, a pool, volleyball courts, and a bocce area. Stevens Creek meanders alongside, setting a tranquil tone for a relaxed afternoon stroll, perfect for enjoying with your furry buddies.

Though not vast, this 18-acre sanctuary holds its magic—community gardens, historical ranch structures, and captivating experiences such as free farm tours. Explore, enjoy, and soak in the rustic charm and animal encounters—it’s a delightful stop for a laid-back day out!

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