A Homeowner’s Guide to Foreclosure in California

Homeowner's Guide to Foreclosure

California Homeowner’s Guide to Foreclosure

The California Department of Real Estate (now the Bureau of Real Estate) put out a guide to foreclosure for California homeowners in 2010. It’s about 70 pages long, and contains a wealth of information for anyone facing foreclosure in California.

The guide includes information on a wide array of topics:

  • Notice of Default (NOD)
  • Notice of Sale
  • Modify or Restructure the Terms and Payment Schedule of Your Existing Loan
  • Refinance: Pay Off Your Loan with a New Loan on Better Terms
  • Pursue a “Short Sale”
  • Sell Your Home to Access the Available Equity
  • Offer a “Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure” to Your Lender rather than Proceed with a Foreclosure Sale
  • The Foreclosure Procedure Timeline
  • Post-Foreclosure Option for the Former Homeowner
  • Resources from Federal, State, and non-profit agencies

The guide can be downloaded using this link.

They have also provided a version in Spanish, which can be downloaded here.

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