Bad Real Estate Photos

Bad Real Estate Photo

It is simply amazing to me how many bad real estate photos there are to be found on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)!  As I come across bad photos on my own MLS, I post them here on this page.  In each case, I have to wonder, what were they thinking?  And if I were a seller, I would have to ask myself, what kind of agent have I hired to to represent me in one of the biggest financial transactions – perhaps the biggest transaction – of my life? To me, these photographs scream “I don’t care.”

Let’s face it:  some homes just don’t show well.  It could be that the sellers simply do not have the energy, time, or resources to do anything to get their homes looking “good” before putting them up on the market.

In cases like that, why bother putting photos at all?

When it comes to the real estate market, the power of first impressions cannot be overstressed. Picture this: you are browsing through listings, and suddenly you stumble upon a property photo that makes you gasp – not because of its charm but due to its appalling quality. Yes, we’re talking about those awful real estate photos that make us cringe, laugh, and ponder – all at the same time.

Let’s dive into the captivating world of terrible property images and explore why they exist, their impact, and how to ensure your listings never fall into this category.

The Phenomenon of Bad Real Estate Photos

If you’ve spent enough time browsing property listings, you’ve undoubtedly come across a few that have left you startled, puzzled, or even horrified. From images of cluttered rooms and poorly lit exteriors to odd interior decor and downright scary settings, the spectrum of lousy real estate photos is wide and bewildering.

The Impact of Poor Property Photos

While these terrible property photos provide a good laugh, they also highlight a critical issue in the real estate industry – the importance of high-quality, professional images in property listings.

First Impressions Matter

In the real estate market, first impressions are often formed through property photos. Poor-quality images can turn potential buyers away, causing the house to sit on the market for a longer period and possibly leading to a price drop.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In the digital age, the property’s image is its primary selling point. Subpar photos can drastically reduce the number of inquiries and viewings a property gets, impacting the agent’s ability to close a deal.

Why Do Bad Real Estate Photos Exist?

Given the importance of property photos, one might wonder why such terrible images exist in the first place. The reasons are varied and can range from budget constraints to a lack of awareness.

Budget Constraints

Not all real estate agents or property owners have the budget to hire professional photographers or invest in high-end equipment. As a result, they might resort to using their smartphone cameras, leading to low-quality images.

Lack of Awareness

In some cases, agents and property owners may not fully understand the importance of good-quality photos in attracting potential buyers. They might underestimate the impact of clutter, poor lighting, and odd angles in images.

Ensuring Your Listings Don’t Fall Into the ‘Terrible Photos’ Category

While chuckling at terrible property photos can be entertaining, as a real estate agent, you certainly don’t want your listings to join this infamous category. If budget permits, consider hiring a professional real estate photographer. They have the right equipment and expertise to capture your property in the best light.

If hiring a professional isn’t an option, educate yourself about the basics of photography. Learn about the importance of lighting, angles, and composition in capturing appealing images.

While terrible real estate photos provide comic relief, they also underscore the importance of high-quality images in the real estate industry. As a real estate agent, being mindful of your property photos’ quality can make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers and closing deals. After all, in the world of real estate, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words – or perhaps even a few thousand dollars.

“The power of first impressions cannot be overstressed when it comes to real estate. Ensure your property photos provide the right impression.”

It’s critical to remember that while a laugh at these terrible photos is enjoyable, it’s even more important not to let your real estate listings fall into this category. Invest in professional photography, learn the basics, and consider virtual staging services. Avoid becoming a part of the comedy of errors or the horror show that these images represent, and instead, let your properties shine in the best light – literally and figuratively.

Everyone wants to know…

Blurry photos are one thing. In this particular listing, many of the other photos were also dark, or tilted, or shows nothing of interest at all (for example, the wall of a hallway with some family photos on it). I’ve also see lots of MLS photos with the photographer’s fingers in the frame (partially covering the frame) and many times I’ve seen photos of a car door or side view mirror, where the agent just took the photo of the home from inside a car, and didn’t even bother to crop the image.

That’s why when you interview an agent, it’s a good idea to ask them to provide you with recent examples of some homes they have recently listed for sale. Look these homes up on Zillow and other real estate sites, to see how good a job the agent did marketing them. If the presentation of the home is poor, it’s a safe bet that the agent’s representation of you will be poor as well.

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