Bad Real Estate Photos

Bad Real Estate Photo

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It is simply amazing to me how many bad real estate photos there are to be found on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)! Here is a prime example I just came across:

Bad Real Estate Photo

Bad Real Estate Photo

In all fairness, this is the worst of the shots on the listing – but what is it doing here at all? If this is the quality of presentation of the home, you need to ask yourself: what kind of agent have I hired to to represent me in one of the biggest financial transactions – perhaps the biggest transaction – of my life? To me, this photograph screams “I don’t care.”

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Blurry photos are one thing. In this particular listing, many of the other photos were also dark, or tilted, or shows nothing of interest at all (for example, the wall of a hallway with some family photos on it). I’ve also see lots of MLS photos with the photographer’s fingers in the frame (partially covering the frame) and many times I’ve seen photos of a car door or side view mirror, where the agent just took the photo of the home from inside a car, and didn’t even bother to crop the image.

That’s why when you interview an agent, it’s a good idea to ask them to provide you with recent examples of some homes they have recently listed for sale. Look these homes up on Zillow and other real estate sites, to see how good a job the agent did marketing them. If the presentation of the home is poor, it’s a safe bet that the agent’s representation of you will be poor as well.

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