[M02/S03] Benefits of Selling Your Home By Owner

Benefits of Selling by Owner

Saving the cost of the commission is huge. But what are the other benefits of selling your home by owner?

First off, you’re in charge. You won’t have pressure from anyone else to do anything. No nagging about how you present your home, or pressing you to do showings at all hours. You handle everything from top to bottom. That’s really important to some people, and it can be a significant benefit.

Another benefit is that nobody knows your home like you do. You are uniquely able to sell buyers on the benefits of your home – what makes it special, and what buyers will find of most value in the home. There won’t be any filter – like an agent – between you and the buying public.

Agents talk a good game about how they will be able to net you more – that is, you’ll close the deal with more money in your pocket – if you sell using an agent instead of by owner. But is that always true? No, of course not. The fact is, you may be able to sell at a higher price and net more money by selling on your own. An agent may push you into accepting a lower offer than you might be able to get if you just waited for the right buyer.

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