Gayle’s Bakery

Gayles Bakery and Rosticceria

Get ready to explore the delicious charm of Gayle’s Bakery in Capitola. Immerse yourself in its historic charm, quality offerings, and neighborhood love.

History of Gayle’s Bakery

Gayle Ortiz, a dedicated baker, established Gayle’s Bakery in 1978. Back then, it was a minuscule bakery nestled comfortably in Capitola Village. Gayle’s passion for baking and quality ingredients quickly created a buzz in the community.

Year after year, the small bakery began expanding, gaining popularity not just with the locals but tourists as well. Today, it is fondly considered a cornerstone of Capitola, representing a perfect blend of consistency, quality, and mouthwatering goodness that has kept its customers loyal and loving the food.

From humble beginnings

Back in the 1970s, Gayle’s Bakery originated with a dream in a modest home kitchen. Gayle Ortiz, the bakery’s namesake, mastered her craft by turning simple ingredients into scrumptious treats. She honed her skills one recipe at a time, making everything from bread to pastries.

Transforming her passion into a career, Gayle shifted from her home kitchen to a professional setting. In 1978, the Camino Real Cinema’s former ticket booth became the original home of Gayle’s Bakery, and a local legend was born.

Ever since its establishment, the bakery has been a cherished neighborhood hangout, preserving its warm, welcoming, and homey charm. The humble origins are reflected in Gayle’s Bakery’s commitment to craft and quality, reminding us all that big dreams often start in small kitchens.

Life’s a Beach

Establishing a local institution

Gayle herself, an expert in all things sweet, took her passionate baking skills and love for community to new heights, resulting in a bakery that truly represents Capitola. The bakery quickly became more than a place to get good bread—it became a hub for connecting people.

Through its delicious array of goods and the warm, friendly ambiance, Gayle’s Bakery has charmed its way into the hearts of the locals. The bakery is teeming with positive energy that makes every visit a delightful experience.

Over the years, Gayle’s unique recipes, inviting interiors, and commitment to quality have entrenched it as Capitola’s favourite place to be. It’s not just about a bakery anymore—it’s about being a part of a flavorful tradition in Capitola.

The Menu at Gayle’s Bakery

A visit to Gayle’s Bakery kicks off perfectly with their impressive breakfast menu—freshly baked pastries, towering stacks of pancakes, and steaming hot coffee. Every item on the menu promises to add a delightful twist to your morning routine.

Gayle’s Bakery is well-known for its assortment of both sweet and savory items. Whether you’re in for classic chocolates or adventurous tarts, or crusted pizzas and hearty sandwiches, the vast menu ensures there’s a perfect bite for everyone at any time.

Delicious breakfast options

For breakfast enthusiasts, early mornings at Gayle’s Bakery in Capitola are nothing short of heavenly. From piping hot pastries to fulfilling egg dishes, every item is designed to kick-start your day in the most delightful way.

  • The tantalizing aroma of freshly baked blueberry muffins
  • Scrumptious egg and cheese croissants that exude flakiness with every bite
  • Nutritious and hearty granola bowls topped with fresh fruits
  • Flavor-packed quiches that rotate offerings daily
  • Signature lattes paired with house-made cinnamon rolls or bear claws

Lunchtime favorites

Finding comfort at Gayle’s Bakery is a mission easily accomplished, especially when lunchtime rolls around. This Capitola staple is well known for its hearty and delicious plates that capture the essence of Californian cuisine.

  • The Savory Chicken Pot Pie with a buttery, flaky crust is a must-try for first timers.
  • Venture into local flavors with the Capitola Crab Cake Sandwich, a favorite among regulars.
  • The Mediterranean Veggie Wrap is a refreshing and filling choice for vegetarians.
Gayles Bakery Counter

Gayles Bakery Counter

Decadent pastries and desserts

At Gayle’s Bakery, dessert truly takes center stage. With an array of classic tarts and innovative cakes, this is a sweet tooth’s paradise.

  • Decadent chocolate Ă©clair featuring creamy custard filling and velvety chocolate ganache glaze
  • Fruit tart crowned with vibrant, seasonal fruits over a sweet, velvety pastry cream
  • Classic New York cheesecake: a taste of the Big Apple in Capitola
  • Celebration cakes customizable for special occasions
  • Lavish Opera cake layered with almond sponge cake, coffee buttercream, and dark chocolate ganache

Specialty Breads at Gayle’s Bakery

Delve into the heart of Gayle’s, where artisans labour with love over dough to craft an exquisite selection of specialty bread. Sourdough, multigrain, and rye are just a few examples of the bakery’s offerings, each embodying the establishment’s dedication to quality and authenticity.

A pilgrimage for bread enthusiasts, Gayle’s doesn’t disappoint with its diverse and unique bread choices. The Italian Focaccia, with its light, airy texture and salt-sprinkled, olive oil-infused top, is a must-try. So is the dense, sweet Pumpernickel, ideal for those who enjoy a robust flavor to accompany their meals.

Artisanal breads made with love

Infusing every loaf with individual care and attention, Gayle’s Bakery ensures that love is their secret ingredient. Unseen to the naked eye, this secret ingredient is what makes every bite truly irresistible.

Handcrafted Excellence is not just a buzz phrase at Gayle’s, as each artisanal bread they create tells a story of tradition, skill, and passion. Baked to perfection, these masterpieces are a testament to Gayle’s commitment to providing their customers with nothing but the best.

Unique flavors and creations

At Gayle’s Bakery, innovative creations are the norm not the exception. You’ll find yourself enchanted by cookies fusing cranberry and pistachio flavors and breads featuring a medley of ancient grains.

The unique flavors at Gayle’s Bakery give a twist to your usual bakery experience. Think sourdough infused with roasted garlic or a decadent chocolate cherry bread, each bite is a delicious surprise.

Gayles Bakery in Capitola

Gayles Bakery in Capitola

Events and Catering at Gayle’s Bakery

Consider planning your special day with Gayle’s Bakery, offering stellar catering services that will undeniably indulge your guests’ palates and make your event memorable. From savory to sweet, every morsel is thoughtfully composed for a delightful experience.

Cake lovers rejoice! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or any other insatiable celebration, Gayle’s Bakery crafts the most delectable custom cakes. Precise in detail and bursting with flavor, these glorious inventions turn ordinary days into extraordinary occasions.

Host your next event at Gayle’s

Looking for a unique and delightful venue for your next event? Gayle’s Bakery in Capitola is your place. They work closely with each client to ensure your occasion is as special as the individuals celebrated.

Your guests will be thrilled by the inviting decor and luscious aroma of freshly baked goods. Every event held at Gayle’s becomes an unforgettable experience, with bakery’s personalized menus enhancing each gathering.

Providing unmatched catering services, Gayle’s Bakery will bring moments of joy to your special event. Whether it’s a birthday, bridal shower, or corporate get-together, their mouth-watering treats will leave everyone talking.

Offering a diverse range of sweet and savory platters, dessert trays to select artisanal breads, every menu is tailored to your event’s theme and guest preferences. They make sure your event is nothing short of exceptional.

The reliable team at Gayle’s is committed to planning your event with meticulous care, considering even the smallest details. Trust Gayle’s Bakery with your event planning and focus on creating those cherished moments with your loved ones.

Custom cakes and desserts

Relish each bite of the decadent custom-cakes and desserts at Gayle’s Bakery; every delicacy tells a tale of scrumptious satisfaction. Whether it’s chocolate cream pie or a raspberry tart, indulgence has never tasted so good.

Adding more beauty to your special occasions, Gayle’s offers customized cakes, lovingly crafted to your preferences. From birthdays to anniversaries, make your celebrations memorable with these exquisite bakes that delight the taste buds.

Tips for Visiting Gayle’s Bakery

When planning your trip to Gayle’s Bakery, consider the time of day; morning and lunch rush hours can get quite busy! There’s a generous parking lot, but it fills up quickly. A notable convenience is their online ordering feature, which allows you to pick up your mouth-watering treats without the wait.

Planning to explore Capitola after breakfast or lunch at Gayle’s? Pack light for the bakery. It’s centrally located, making it easy to move on foot to nearby attractions including the Capitola Village and the beach. Don’t forget to indulge in one of Gayle’s famous pastries while you’re there!

Parking and accessibility

Navigating to Gayle’s Bakery is quite straightforward; located at the top of Capitola Village, it’s surrounded by abundant, albeit busy, parking options.

  • Street parking available
  • Nearby Capitola Mercantile parking lot
  • Parking meters accepting cards and coins
  • Handicap parking spaces available near entry
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

Peak hours and wait times

For a quieter, more tranquil visit, the best time to pop into Gayle’s Bakery is early morning or mid-afternoon, avoiding the peak hours. Meals and pastries can be savored in peace during these slots.

  1. Best time for a quieter visit: Early morning or mid-afternoon
  2. Peak breakfast time: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
  3. Peak lunchtime hours: Noon – 2:00 PM
  4. Dinner rush: 5:00 PM -7:00 PM
  5. Check their website for updates regarding peak hours

Takeout options and online ordering

Met with long lines in the morning rush or simply prefer a quiet meal at your hotel or home? Fret not – Gayle’s Bakery offers convenient takeout options. Simply choose from their mouth-watering menu, pay and voila – a scrumptious feast is ready to go!

Not in the mood for a waiting game? Skate through the crowd with Gayle’s Bakery’s online ordering system. Guarantee yourself a safe and hassle-free experience by ordering your favorite delicacies from the comfort of your home or hotel – ready for pick up or delivery at your preferred time.

Gayles Bakery Coffee Station

Gayles Bakery Coffee Station

Proximity to Other Attractions

Surrounding Gayle’s Bakery, there’s a wealth of attractions to discover. Right after breakfast or lunch, you’re just a short stroll away from quaint shops, vibrant murals, and the picturesque Capitola Beach.

Why not turn your visit to Gayle’s into an adventure day? Once fueled up on their delicious creations, hit the road to explore Santa Cruz’s iconic Boardwalk, redwood-filled parks, and thriving arts scene.

Exploring Capitola Village

Think of Gayle’s Bakery as your tasty start to a delightful day in Capitola Village. It offers the perfect grab-and-go delights for your Arcadian exploration, filling you up without slowing you down.

Venture down onto the village streets with a delightful pastry or a frosty beverage from Gayle’s. Indulge in its scrumptious offerings while strolling through the eclectic shops, galleries, and beachfront views that make Capitola a true Northern California gem.

Beaches and outdoor activities

Indulging in a delicious treat from Gayle’s Bakery while lounging on Capitola Beach is an experience that combines serene seaside picnics with delectable bakery delights. Pack a basket full of Gayle’s favorites and head to the coast for a day of sun, sand, and satisfied taste buds.

Just around the corner from Gayle’s Bakery, the picturesque Capitola Beach awaits. Savor your freshly-baked breakfast while watching the gentle morning waves, or munch on an artisanal sandwich as you catch some midday rays.

Imagine digging your toes in the sand while biting into a flaky, buttery croissant from Gayle’s. The combination of the bakery’s gourmet creations and the stunning coastal scenery makes for a perfect leisurely day at the beach.

After your delightful visit to Gayle’s, venture towards the Santa Cruz area. Famous for its outdoor activities, it’s an ideal spot to enjoy a post-lunch hike or a surf session, with a scrumptious dessert reward awaiting at the end of your adventurous day.

Exploring Santa Cruz

Food-filled and fueled from your visit to Gayle’s, Santa Cruz has plenty to offer next. The famed Santa Cruz Boardwalk, for one, is not to be missed. Enjoy seafront strolls with stunning ocean panoramas that carry a salty aftertaste from your lingering meal.

Not far, the iconic Mystery Spot promises an intriguing venture into the peculiar of gravitational anomalies. A site that shouldn’t be missed, it frames an interesting narrative to the day after your sweet and savory feast at Gayle’s.

Fancy a spiritual loft? The Meditation Room at UC Santa Cruz enchants with tranquillity. Go from satiating your taste buds at Gayle’s, to a nourishing spree for your soul, in true Santa Cruz style!

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