How an Offer Review Date Can Impact the Sale of Your Silicon Valley Home

Offer Review Date Silicon Valley

When it comes to selling a home in Silicon Valley, setting an offer review date can be a double-edged sword. Yes, it can seem to provide a sense of fairness and can encourage bidding wars, but it also plays with the dynamics of urgency and anticipation. This articles explores how an offer review date can impact the sale of your Silicon Valley home – and it may be different than what you expect.

Setting an offer review date while selling a home might instigate bidding wars but it could also negatively reduce immediate offer prospects and impact the final selling price.

Offer review dates can have an undeniable impact on the sale process. While it can allow time to attract multiple offers, resulting in a competitive market, it can also potentially deter immediate offers, slowing down the entire process and possibly affecting your home’s final selling price.

Pros of Setting an Offer Review Date

By setting an offer review date while selling your Silicon Valley home, you can gain more control over the process, attracting potential buyers and allowing for a more organized and strategic decision-making.

  • It can result in a rush of buyers submitting offers at once, often leading to multiple bids, and possibly, a higher selling price.
  • An offer review date allows you to take time and assess all the available offers at once.
  • It can give you a position of control, enabling you to hold back lower offers and negotiate for a better deal.
  • It sets a clear expectation for potential buyers, allowing you to prevent early lowball offers.

Cons of Setting an Offer Review Date

In practice, setting an offer review date can be a double-edged sword for home sellers in Silicon Valley. It may slow down the sale process and potentially diminish the final sale price.

  • Reduced urgency: Buyers are less inclined to hurry and submit their offers, since they feel they’ll have time to get their offers in.
  • Deferred sale process: The sale could take longer than it needs to
  • Fear of a bidding war: Some buyers may withhold offers, sensing the seller is interested in a bidding war
  • Loss of buyers: Some potential buyers may not be willing to wait for the review date and might move on to other opportunities.

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Impact on Buyer Urgency

Setting a review date often does the opposite of what you’d expect. By telling the market that buyers have only a limited time to get an offer in, this will encourage buyers to write offers quickly.  However, often times the “offer review date” is 10-14 days from the date the home is listed, which gives plenty of time for buyers to write an offer…or find another house they’d rather write on. The ticking clock, usually inherent in the home selling process, becomes muted, potentially restraining an immediate and competitive response.

Rather than fueling urgency, an offer review date can inadvertently cool the buying fervor. Prospective buyers may perceive a buffer of time, relaxing their need to act swiftly, sometimes leading to procrastination or reconsideration.

Lack of Urgency to Submit Immediate Offers

An offer review date can diminish urgency among potential buyers, making them more leisurely about submitting their bid. They may choose to wait until the last moment, believing they have ample time. This situation can result in a delay in receiving offers, potentially stunting the momentum of the sale.

  • Offer review dates make buyers feel they have time to deliberate on their offer
  • Waiting for the stated review date might result in last-minute submissions or no submissions at all
  • The reduced urgency could slow down the momentum of your home sale

Effect on Sale Price

Beyond slowing things down, there’s another concern. Allowing buyers too much time can affect the momentum of the sale. Remember, the real estate market trends change quickly. A delay could mean missed opportunities or a less favorable market scenario when its time to review the offers.

There’s a tangible relationship when comparing the quickness of the sale with the final sale price of your home. Often, an offer review date might curb that much-needed sense of immediacy, potentially stifling a top-dollar sale.

It’s worth being cautious, as deciding to set a review date might inadvertently lower your property’s market value. Buyers might not feel the urge to present their best offers right away, thus affecting your bottom line negatively.

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Statistical Relationship Between Speed of Sale and Price

Taking a closer look at the correlation between the speed of sale and sale price, data points in one direction. The faster your home sells, the higher the price it generally fetches. Thus, a little speed often equates to better profits.

Interestingly enough, the relationship between the speed of sale and the sale price isn’t just a coincidence, but a commonly noted observation in the real estate market. Such instances become more prevalent in hot markets like Silicon Valley.

Digging deeper into the numbers, statistics reveal that homes which sell quickly, often within the first week of listing, tend to secure prices at, or usually above, their asking price. It’s not a guaranteed outcome, but it showcases the significant advantage quick sales could present.

Alternatives to Setting an Offer Review Date

If review dates aren’t to your liking, there are a handful of clever alternatives. Putting the parade aside for a more simultaneous submission of offers can create a healthy sense of competition among potential buyers, stirring up a flurry of fast, high-priced bids.

Are there other ways to approach a home sale that will meet your goal of selling quickly, with multiple offers, with an amazing price and fabulous terms? Absolutely. Remember, it’s your sale, and you can set the tempo. Thoughtful analysis of competitive bidding strategies might reveal a more lucrative and efficient route to the same destination – sold.

Encouraging Simultaneous Offers

Simultaneous offers can ramp up competitive spirit, pushing potential buyers to act swiftly and potentially offer a higher price. Not having a review date opens the floodgates for these proposals, maximizing your sales potential.

Without a set offer review date, buyers feel the need to be proactive. It’s very simple:  tell buyers that you have strong interest in the property, and that offers will be reviewed as received. For that reason, the property could go under contract at any time, and if they want to have a shot at it, they need to get in to see it and write an offer immediately, as the seller is not waiting for any artificial date to review offers. As soon as the seller feels they have an offer that they are happy with, the property will be sold – so better hurry on in to see it in person.

That urgency transpires as simultaneous proposals, making every buyer’s offer stand on its own merit and generating a faster, more rewarding sale.

Utilizing Competitive Bidding Strategies

Competitive bidding can significantly boost your home sale strategy. It amplifies urgency, encouraging prospective buyers to submit their best offers instead of waiting for a set review date. Through competitive bidding, maximum returns can be achieved as each buyer tries to outdo others. This process can serve as an engaging alternative to the traditional offer review date.

In environments like Silicon Valley, where property demand typically surpasses supply, competitive bidding strategies can be particularly advantageous, stirring up healthy competition, and promoting better offer quality.


Setting a pre-determined offer review date is common practice in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.  But the truth is that doing so may not be in the best interest of the seller, and that with skillful negotiation on the part of the listing agent, it is possible to get offers very quickly and at nosebleed prices – even without setting an offer review date. The offer review date strategy can very quickly backfire, and in any event, cause your home to take longer to sell, for lower prices, and on worse terms than if offers are reviewed – and negotiated – as received.

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