[M03/S06] How to Interview a Real Estate Agent

How to Interview a Real Estate Agent

Have you been told to talk to multiple agents, but really have no idea how to interview a real estate agent?

When you are interviewing an agent, the questions you ask don’t really matter as much as the way the agent responds to them. And perhaps more important than the questions you ask are the questions that they ask of you.

Do they take the time to listen? ┬áDoes it seem like they really want to understand what your situation is, what’s important to you about selling your home? After all, for you, it’s probably not just about selling a piece of real estate – it’s about taking another step in life.

An agent may want to give you a full-blown listing presentation, perhaps on an iPad or maybe with a projector and a full slide show. Those can be good or bad, long or short, but no matter what, they probably won’t tell you what you really need to know.

You really need to know if this is someone you can trust. Is this someone who you feel will do their best to get you the very best price for your home – or is this someone who is mostly concerned with getting your home sold quickly and getting a fat commission check?

And it’s one thing to feel that they’ll really do their best, that they’re sincere and committed – but another thing altogether is, what’s their actual capacity? All earnestness aside, the bottom line is, can they really get you the best price for your property, on favorable terms, in a time frame that works for you?

The goal of your interviews should be to find an agent who listens more than they speak, who can demonstrate that they are trustworthy, and who has the marketing and negotiation chops to really bring home the bacon.

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