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A fair number of my clients come from the Internet. I’m not sure how everyone finds me, but a fair number do. Most of the time, folks just give me their e-mail addresses, and that’s the basis of our relationship. When a buyer gets serious about working with me, though, they’ll give me their phone number, too, and that’s when things really start to happen.

A week or so ago, I began talking by telephone with a buyer who is looking for a mobile home in the Capitola/Live Oak area. I haven’t done a lot of work with mobile homes before, but seeing as how they are about the most-affordable housing around, I want to learn all about them. The buyer who contacted me has given me quite a bit of instruction! It’s funny – you’d think that I would be the one telling her how it is, but it was quite the reverse! It’s rare to find a buyer who is so well educated, but this lady certainly is.

It’s been fun working with this lady – Spanish is her native language, and she speaks English quite well. Her English is better than my Spanish, probably, but she apparently she prefers to talk in Spanish and I always like to practice my Spanish, and so that’s what we mostly communicate in. Yesterday, we went out to a particular mobile home park in which she would like to buy…she knows just what she is looking for, she knows the values of the homes, the spaces, park policies – everything! And I just soaked it all up: “Really? Is that so?”

She passed along a good tip, which I’m passing along to you. If you’re looking for a mobile home – either to put into a mobile home park, or to put on a piece of vacant land, check out It’ll give you the lowdown on the various makes and models of mobile homes and help you figure out which one makes the most sense for you.

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