[M08/S22] Real Estate Open House Events

Open House Events

The goal of any open house should be to get as many buyers through your door as possible. We’ll make sure that the open houses are well publicized, through the MLS and the web sites which syndicate open house information.

Make sure to promote open houses on Craigslist, Facebook, and Twitter. With the Savvy Seller Strategy, we also offer a unique incentive to get buyers into your home: for every listing, we have a contest where buyers can guess the ultimate sale price of your home. Whoever guesses closest to the final sales price of your home after the sale closes will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

$100 Amazon Gift Card

$100 Amazon Gift Card Contest

This helps us get feedback from visitors to the open house as to what they think about the property, questions they have, and gives us their contact information. What’s more, by incentivizing visitors with a chance to win a prize, we virtually guarantee that the contact information they give us is correct, allowing us to get in touch with the buyers to follow up after their visit. It also gives us critical feedback about what buyers feel the market price for the property is.

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