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Looking for some good San Jose CA Luxury Real Estate Sale Tips?  Selling luxury real estate in the Silicon Valley is much different than selling a run-of-the-mill tract home. The preparation of the home, staging, marketing plan, require additional attention. One of your first – and most important – steps should be hiring a specialist real estate luxury home broker to guide you in the process and ensure you net the best price and most favorable terms.

Setting the Asking Price

It’s no secret that higher-priced homes take longer to sell than lower priced homes.  It’s an exclusive market, there are fewer buyers, and the buyers are very selective and particular.  Even so, many upscale, luxury homes stay on the market for many months – or years.  Keeping a home on the market for an extended period of time is not the best way to get the highest price – but setting the value too low may bring the wrong buyer and wind up costing the seller hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Setting the right price for your home is absolutely crucial, as setting it too high or too low will end up costing you a lot of money, time – or both.  To set the right price for your home, you need to work with a real estate broker who is an expert in luxury homes in the area, who knows what specific features and characteristics are worth in your area.  This broker will exhaustively research and analyze recent sales and competitive listings in your area and demonstrate to you unequivocally what your asking price needs to be.

Luxury Home Inspections

It is crucial to do all inspections on your luxury home up-front, before the first buyer ever comes in the door. Luxury residences can contain high-end features and systems that not all inspectors have experience with. You’ll need to find a home inspector who is familiar with luxury homes in San Jose who can do a competent and diligent inspection to find any problems with the home, so they can be corrected before inviting buyers into your home. Luxury home buyers will expect – and demand – that they get a top-shelf home, since they are paying top dollar.

Create Stunning Marketing

You have a stunning home – in a crowded field of stunning homes.  You absolutely need your home to stand out, and to do that, you’ll need to have absolutely top-notch photography and video.  You’re not just selling a home – you are selling the lifestyle, and the marketing package needs to sell the lifestyle every bit as much as it sells the house.  Your marketing needs to tell the story of the whole package:  the home, the community, and what the buyer’s life will be like in the home.

Concierge Services

Silicon Luxury Homes

How will your home look on Instagram?

Dominate Social Media

You’re selling a home in Silicon Valley – home to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and of course many more cutting-edge Internet firms.  The people who design, develop and market all of these services actually do use these platforms.  Your luxury home needs to be on all of them, and must absolutely shine – and it will, provided you have created that stunning marketing collateral that tells a story that buyers want to hear.

Be Exclusive

Many of the best homes in San Jose and Silicon Valley are sold “off market” – they are never put on the MLS, with a minimum of fuss and few strangers walking in the door.  How does that happen?  Elite real estate brokers are well connected with each other.  When they have an exclusive, upscale listing they know just who to tell about it.  The best buyers are working with the best brokers, and you can count on these brokers quietly bringing these well-heeled buyers to your home, without the loss of privacy you’d get by listing on the MLS and syndicating your listing to Zillow and thousands of other real estate web sites and portals.

Patience is a Virtue

Given that you’ve properly prepared your home for sale, created first-class marketing material, and accurately priced your property you’re probably expecting your home to sell quickly.  But it’s a fact that there’s far fewer buyers for a $4,000,000 estate than a $400,000 condo, so don’t be surprised that your home will take longer to sell.  For example, in 2015 in Santa Clara county, homes which sold for $4,000,000 and up sold in an average of 44 days, while condos priced at $400,000 or less sold in an average of 26 days.

Additional San Jose CA Luxury Real Estate Sale Tips

The San Jose CA luxury real estate sale tips above are just the tip of the iceberg.  Selling any home in San Jose is a complicated process with all the overlapping laws and regulations – but selling a luxury home in San Jose and Silicon Valley takes a special breed of broker and marketing to get you the best price on the best terms with the least amount of hassle and risk.

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