Santa Cruz is #6 Foreclosure Capital Nationwide

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The smell of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the house, as I peruse my trusty RSS News Reader, skimming over news articles and blog entries the world over, from a variety of different sources. Even though I am up to my neck in this foreclosure business, selling foreclosure real estate in Santa Cruz county at a pretty good clip this year, I was surprised to see this:

Santa Cruz at #6 on the Forbes Foreclosure Capital list

When you click on that link, you have to look fast – it’s a slide show, and will only stay on the Santa Cruz frame for a few moments. You can also view the full article here.

Zoinks. It seems Forbes has put together a list of the Top Ten Foreclosure Capitals for 2009. This is a national list – it is not just California, although, perhaps not surprisingly, half of the ten are in California.

The news isn’t all bad, though. Both the Wall Street Journal and the good ol’ San Jose Mercury News are running pieces about reviving home sales in California and the bay area – of course, the reason people are buying is that prices, in many cases, have dropped to the level where they are affordable.

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