Santa Cruz is the Nation’s 17th Hottest Real Estate Market

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Hot Housing Markets

Santa Cruz is one Hot Housing Market!

According to a new article on the 20 Hottest U.S. Housing Markets on, Santa Cruz is the Nation’s 17th Hottest Real Estate Market! KION News ran a segment last night, and interviewed local Realtors Bill Cuccia and Candie Noel. You can see the clip below:

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It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to hear that the nation’s top housing market is, of course, San Francisco. It might surprise you to learn, though, that Vallejo is rated as the 2nd hottest market in the country! San Jose is rated as the 4th hottest housing market, San Diego is 6th, Sacramento is 7th, Santa Rosa is 8th, and Stockton is 10th. In fact, 12 of the top 20 markets are in California, which describes as “booming.”

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It’s not just the real estate market that’s booming. In fact, the Golden State’s economy as a whole is doing very well. Silicon Valley has exceeded its previous peaks in terms of total employment, and wages are up sharply. With more people than ever making more money than they’ve ever made, it’s unsurprising to see desirable areas such as San Francisco and Santa Cruz experience such high demand for real estate. Given the uncertainty in the stock market, it’s also unsurprising to see a lot of dollars head into towns like Vallejo, Sacramento, and Stockton as investors seek opportunities with good potential for return as well as appreciation.

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