[M05/S07] Selling as a Certified Pre-Owned Home

Certified Pre-Owned Home

Although the purchase agreement is typically for an as-is sale, a seller can turn that idea on its head and instead plan on selling as a certified pre-owned home, much as Mercedes Benz and other luxury carmakers market some of their second hand vehicles.

There is considerable advantage to marketing a home as move-in ready. These are magic words to a large segment of the buying public. Despite all you have heard and read about buyers looking to build “sweat equity” and who would love a fixer-upper – the reality is that the majority of buyers prefer a home that looks beautiful and won’t be in need of immediate repair.

If it’s good enough for Mercedes, why not market your property specifically to these buyers as a Certified Pre-Owned Home? You’re saying that your home is one that has been inspected by the relevant professionals, and all the various necessary repairs have been completed. The home is marketed with termite clearance, and all recommended repairs by the home inspector have likewise been addressed. In addition to marketing the home as having had all the work done, the seller can put their money where their mouth is and include in their marketing that the property comes with a one- or two-year home warranty. That will provide buyers with a lot of peace of mind that your home is really going to be a quality, no-hassle home for them.

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