Kelly S.

Working with Seb was an extremely positive experience from start to finish. At the beginning of our home search, Seb took time to meet with us to clarify exactly what we were looking for. During this meeting, he asked excellent questions that helped us both refine and expand our home search parameters. During the home search, Seb was great about finding potential houses for us to look at and consider. He would often do a previsit for us and create a short, narrated video of a particular home so that we could see it before investing valuable time in an actual appointment. Once we found the home we wanted to buy, Seb was extremely patient and responsive (even while he was on a holiday vacation with his family) as he walked us through the somewhat complicated process of buying a short-sale home. His expertise in the local housing market helped us put together a winning bid that beat out 10 other offers. Seb was also very creative in working out solutions to several potential roadblocks we faced during the closing process. Even after the sale, Seb has been great about sharing his contacts for reliable, affordable plumbers, gardeners, and handymen, just the kinds of people that new homeowners need. Ademas, Seb es bilingue, entonces es un buen agente de bienes raices para los que hablan espanol. In short, if you are looking for a knowledgeable, responsive, creative, and hard-working real estate agent, who is also just a really nice guy, we highly recommend Sebastian Frey.

Riley P.

I had my mindset on a particular house that was increasingly looking as though I couldn't get into it. The house seemed out of my reach. It was a foreclosure and up for auction. One day a friend suggested I contact Seb to get his input on the situation. Maybe there was something he could do, I called Seb that evening and after giving him the rundown on the situation he explained how to go about it. He clearly demonstrated his expertise for this type of deal so I asked him right then and there if he would start in on it. It was great! Less than five minutes later we had a backup auction bid submitted on the house. Wasn't more than a few hours later that the bid was accepted. Over the next few days, things went quick as Seb further worked the details to make the deal happen. We worked through the contract, the inspections, and all the other requirements. He also recommended an excellent finance company that, like Seb, demonstrated a high level of professionalism, attention to detail, and a "make it happen" attitude. This is my first home purchase and I kept thinking that something has got to give as things were running so smoothly. All along though, Seb demonstrated confidence in that soon I'd have the place, and not to worry. Sure enough, a few weeks later escrow closed! All through the process, Seb demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism, knowledge, and experience. And, in saying that, I highly recommend him for any of your real estate needs.

Blake R.

Melissa and I are profoundly grateful for our good fortune in connecting with Seb. I came to Seb upon the recommendation of a longtime Boulder Creek resident, and Seb patiently guided and coached me for a few years as I learned about real estate and the local housing market in the Santa Cruz area. When I got engaged and more got serious about buying, Seb provided excellent guidance and personalized attention during our home search. When it came time to make a deal on the old Brookdale cottage and acreage of our dreams, Seb especially shined. His prompt communication, skill in investigating and troubleshooting potential roadblocks, and extensive knowledge/experience were instrumental in closing our unusually complex deal involving a 1031 exchange. Though ours was not the highest, not the second-highest, or the third-highest offer on this property, Seb helped us convince the previous owners that we were the right folks for the house and that we could be counted on to close. We are so so grateful to have worked with Seb and would turn to him again in a heartbeat.

Tammy G.

I purchased an old home (built-in 1929) in October 2015. During the process, every person I have dealt with from my real estate agent to the loan broker, to the contractor hired to level the foundation have all been dishonest and unprofessional! 6 months later, I have received a Non-Compliance notice from the county about one of the toilets in the home not being low-flow. I had remembered that during the purchase of the home, my agent insisted that it was the seller's responsibility to resolve this. So, I contacted the seller's agent and found that my real estate agent had told me yet another lie and I had, apparently, agreed in the contract to take care of it myself. This posed quite an issue for me as a single mom with a limited income! Seb Frey, the seller's agent, was so gracious and helpful. He sent a plumber to resolve the problem right away and took care of the expense due to the mixup! I am convinced that, had I hired Mr. Frey as my agent, I would have been much better represented! I highly recommend this real estate agent!

Sue D.

We couldn't have done it without Seb (buy our home) and yet he made us feel like the empowered decision-makers at every step of the way. He advised us with the wisdom of a seasoned professional (like which concessions to ask of the seller and which to let pass) but he carried out all our wishes without question. His youthful energy belies the experience that earns him a reputation in the real estate community as someone to be reckoned with. He's connected with an amazing network of professionals and tradespeople and helped us navigate the loan through one of his trusted contacts. And did I mention the perks? Seb was constantly doing us favors, from arranging for non-essential work to be done in the yard at his expense to actually paying for the movers who put us where we are today. Seb is the real deal, you couldn't do better than him.

Michael K.

The best! Seb is the best at pricing, preparing, marketing, and negotiating. I have sold more homes than I will admit in public, and Seb was hands down the best agent Iโ€™ve worked with. We thought the listing price he suggested might be too high the house sold for over asking. Seb guided and assisted us in deciding what we needed to do to prepare the house for sale and then helped schedule and oversee the work. When we ran into issues during the inspection phase he expertly negotiated with the buyers and guided us to the best possible outcome. And, last but very much not least, Seb was a pleasure to work with. He is easygoing and genuine, and as nice as he is smart. I canโ€™t recommend him more highly. It would be folly to hire anyone else!

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Seb is convinced that the greater San Francisco Bay Area is not just a nice place to live. He knows that it does, on balance, provides an unparalleled opportunity for folks who live here to live the best life imaginable.
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