Turf Paint turns Dead Lawns Green

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Turf Paint
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Turf Paint

Turf Paint Turns Dead Lawns Green – Available at Amazon

In most parts of California, we are today going through the worst drought in recorded history. As a consequence, water rationing is in effect in many communities. And even where water isn’t rationed by law, dramatically higher water rates are having a similar effect. Throughout California, dead lawns are everywhere, sprawling in front of otherwise immaculate houses.

Many people are taking our their lawns, replacing them with native plants, vegetation, rocks, and other ground cover such as artificial turf. Whatever kind of landscaping that requires little or no water is in, and traditional sod grass lawns are definitely going out of fashion.

What if you aren’t interested in replacing your lawn, and you don’t like the dead grass look, but you want to save water?

For you, there’s Turf Paint! Turf Paint is a great product that turns dead lawns green. There are a number of kinds to choose from – just go over to Amazon and check them out. They’re not very expensive, and they’re actually a green product. They save water, and they’re non-toxic and bio-degradable. They’ve been using it for years in golf courses, and actually, it doesn’t look too bad. It might be just the ticket for your lawn, especially if you’re looking for a quick easy fix-up as part of your home staging strategy before putting your home up for sale.

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