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I had a great weekend, so I thought I’d share a little bit about it with you folks. Very little of it was real estate related, but I’ll start with that part first since that is what this blog is obstensibly about. I have some clients who are in escrow on a property in Soquel, and after much negotiating with the sellers (a very tough pair of negotiators, I must give them that!), we finally were able to secure a very small credit from them to help with some of the items which we discovered during my buyers’ inspection period. It’s a house that my clients really fell in love with, and we had a fair amount of difficulty getting it for a price that I and my clients felt it was really worth. In the end, though, we got a good price for the property and a small moral victory in the form of the modest allowance for repairs. We released contingencies and are now looking forward to closing the sale in a couple of weeks. Amen to that!

Also on Saturday, I was invited to the 50th birthday party of my office manager – up in Happy Valley. It was an absolutely magical event! To be honest, I felt kind of stressed out about this escrow that I was involved with, and at the time I went to the party, I didn’t actually know if it would come together or not. My office manager, Adora, is a really special lady and has lots of great friends, many of whom are into Sufi dancing. As part of the festivities, we did some sufi dancing. I’m not much of a dancer, sufi or otherwise – but it was really great. Afterwards, I felt very calm and at peace with the Universe, and connected to the other dancers. Thanks, Adora, for such a great party!

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After Adora’s party, I had another party to go to (you have heard that Santa Cruz is a party town, right?). This party was over at the house of my friends Richard and Sonia. Richard also works with me, and his wife, Sonia, is from Peru – same as my wife! Wow, it’s a small world. They were having a little Salsa Dancing party, and that was lots of fun – they have a lot of really great friends, too.

On Sunday, I went into my office to do a bit of work – tending to some of the details of the aforementioned escrow. Yes, it’s true – Realtors actually do work, now and again! I had originally planned to do an Open House on that Sunday, but my brother managed to talk me out of it – and instead, we went for a walk over in Davenport, looking for the new state park. Not quite sure if we actually found the state park or not, because there are no signposts or anything – but I’m pretty sure we were there! I did take a bunch of pictures from our Day in Davenport.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I managed to only work about six hours or so, and the rest of it I took off to relax and enjoy the wonderful environment that Santa Cruz provides. I am truly blessed to live here – my heartfelt thanks goes out for the long string of happy coincidences that put me here at this time. Ommmmmm!

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