[M04/S10] Which Real Estate Valuation should I Trust

Which Home Valuation should I trust?

With so many tools out there – online valuations, Realtor CMA, and professional appraisers reports, the automated Realtor Property Report, you’re probably asking yourself, “Which real estate valuation should I trust?” Unless of course they are all coming in with very similar numbers, in which case, it’s likely that the market price of your home is a fairly open-and-shut case.

After reviewing all the available data regarding your home’s market price, a savvy homeowner will also do a bit of their own homework. Since all these reports will use “comparable” properties in them, do some digging. Drive by the homes which have sold to get a feel for their neighborhood, location, and curb appeal. For homes which are listed for sale, get inside them if possible at an open house, or ask your real estate agent to get you inside to check out the competition. Going out into the field and assessing these homes personally will give you a much better feeling for what your own home is actually likely to sell for.

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