[M08/S11] Pre-Sale Services

SellForSure Pre-Sale Services

One of the best ways to enhance your home’s value – and ultimately the sale price – is through home staging.  For this reason, one of our pre-sale services is to hire a staging consultant to come to your home and give ideas on what changes can be made which can cost effectively be made to both boost the sale price and shorten the time on market.

Video is increasingly important when it comes to the marketing of a home. It’s easy to rank highly on Google with a YouTube video for a property, so that if people search for information regarding your home by its address, they’ll quickly find the video which we will create for it.

With the Savvy Seller Strategy we will create a virtual video tour of your home, using a combination of photographs taken by the photographer, actual video footage, and voice-over and textual annotations to point out the features and benefits of your home. For some properties, a professional videographer will be hired as well to shoot a completely custom video presentation.

We will also craft a “love letter” for your home which will help buyers connect on an emotional level with your home, and with the neighborhood as well. We can’t always assume that people will immediately be able to picture themselves in your home, and by writing a letter like this explaining what you love about the home – and living in that neighborhood – it will help draw them to your property, and in through the door.

Also, we’ll go over all the features and benefits your home provides. The features are important, but the benefits they provide to the occupants are really what matters, and we want to make sure potential buyers understand what your home truly has to offer.

The virtual tour, love letter, and features and benefits list will all be incorporated into the marketing material as well as being placed at the home for buyers to view while touring the property.

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