Santa Cruz Real Estate Market Update – April 2013

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Spring has sprung – and with it, a raging seller’s market.  The first two months of 2013 showed a market that appeared to be moderating after steady price increases throughout 2012 – recall that the median price declined for the first two months of 2013…but in the third month of 2013 – wow.  The median home price in March of 2013 soared to $583,500 – up 18.6% year-over-year, and up a gi-normous 28.2% from February 2013, the month prior.  What is going on?

A lot of things are going on – there’s a lot of moving pieces to this real estate market.  But please watch the video below to get a quick summary of where we are at.

Aside from the median price, there are some other interesting numbers to look at – such as inventory, which remained virtually unchanged at the end of March, at 277 available units county-wide (vs 279 units at the end of February).  The sales volume did pick up strongly in March, with 156 homes having closed escrow  – an increase of 28.93% over the month before, but a decrease of 8.2% from a year ago, March 2012.

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Last week I attended a conference where the keynote speaker was Leslie Appleton-Young, a VP and the Chief Economist of the California Association of Realtors.  Leslie gave a very well received presentation about the state of the national and California real estate markets.  As you might expect from someone as high up in the Realtor® organization as Leslie, she is very bullish on the California real estate market.

There’s a couple of questions that get asked a lot these days:

  1. Why is inventory so low?
  2. Why don’t more people sell their houses now, given this raging seller’s market?

There are a number of reasons why inventory is at the lowest level in memory.  None of these reasons is dominant and they are listed in no particular order, but here are a number of factors:

  • Banks are foreclosing on far fewer homes in California, a key source of inventory over the past several years
  • Little new housing has been constructed over the past 5 years
  • Many homeowners are “trapped” in “underwater” mortgages and cannot easily sell
  • Many “move-up buyers” lack equity to sell and then move up
  • Demand for housing has been outstripping supply for over a year
  • Government policy (think HAMP, HARP) encouraging owners to stay in their homes
  • Investors are in the market in greater numbers, buying-and-holding

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As for the second question – if this is such a great seller’s market, why aren’t more people selling? – that’s open to speculation.  But the common wisdom in the industry seems to be that people aren’t selling because:

  • They are expecting prices to keep rising in the near term
  • They are underwater and need prices to rise more before they can sell without doing a short sale
  • They don’t have enough equity in their homes to use that as a stepping stone to a “move-up” house.

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