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At Home in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a picturesque neighborhood nestled in the heart of San Jose, California. This highly sought-after destination is famed for its charming residential setting, thriving tech campuses, and a rich history that extends back to the 19th century.

History of Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa was established as Rancho Santa Teresa in 1834, under the administration of the Bernal family. Don José Joaquín Bernal, a retired soldier who was part of the De Anza Expedition in 1776, was the original owner of the Rancho. Following his death, his son, Don Bruno Bernal, took charge of the Rancho until his demise in 1863.

The Rancho played host to various significant events. Most notably, the Treaty of Santa Teresa was inked here in 1844, marking the end of hostilities between Governor Manuel Micheltorena and the rebels led by former Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado. Today, the Rancho Santa Teresa Historic District serves as a reminder of the neighborhood’s colorful past.

Geography and Location

Strategically placed in South San Jose, Santa Teresa is bordered by the Santa Teresa Hills to the west and the Bayshore Freeway (101) to the east. The neighborhood is north of Coyote Valley and is adjacent to Almaden Valley, Blossom Valley, and the southern part of Evergreen.

Santa Teresa is spread across multiple ZIP codes, including 95119, 95123, 95139, 95193, and parts of 95138 that are west of Coyote Creek. It encompasses regions close to where Highway 101 and Highway 85 intersect, making it easily accessible.

Residential Character

Santa Teresa is primarily a residential area, characterized by a blend of old blue-collar workers and young white-collar professionals. The neighborhood is undergoing gentrification, with more tech professionals moving in. The home prices are relatively high, reflecting the neighborhood’s growing popularity and desirability.

Santa Teresa residents enjoy a dense suburban feel, with plenty of coffee shops and parks adding to its charm. The neighborhood is considered safe, with a good mix of families and young professionals residing here. The public schools in Santa Teresa also come with high ratings, making it an ideal place for families.

Outdoor Activities and Landmarks

Santa Teresa offers numerous outdoor activities for residents and visitors alike. The Santa Teresa County Park is a popular site for walking and hiking, offering easy access to natural spaces within the city.

Other notable landmarks in Santa Teresa include the Kaiser San Jose Medical Center, the Rancho Santa Teresa Historic District, and RAMAC Park, named after the IBM 305 RAMAC, the first computer to use a disk drive.


The Oak Grove School District primarily serves Santa Teresa. Schools in the neighborhood include Taylor Elementary School, Santa Teresa Elementary School, Bernal Intermediate School, and Santa Teresa High School. The southernmost parts of Santa Teresa are served by the Morgan Hill Unified School District, which operates Los Paseos Elementary School and Martin Murphy Middle School.


Santa Teresa is well-served by public transportation, with three stations of the VTA light rail facilitating travel within the neighborhood and beyond. The stations are Cottle station on Cottle Rd, Santa Teresa station on Santa Teresa Blvd, and Snell station on Snell Rd.

Real Estate in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa’s real estate market is quite dynamic, with a wide range of housing options. The cost of housing varies significantly based on factors such as location, size, view, and condition of the property.

As of 2015, the least expensive home sold in Santa Teresa was priced at $624,999, while the most expensive one fetched $1,125,000. The average sale price was approximately $814,263. The real estate market in Santa Teresa has been experiencing a steady rise, with home prices gradually catching up with the values from the peak of the market.


Santa Teresa offers a unique blend of suburban comfort, technological innovation, and rich history, making it an attractive destination for families and professionals alike. Whether you’re looking at moving here or just visiting, Santa Teresa is sure to charm you with its unique appeal.

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