Sneak Peek Home Preview

The Sneak Peek

My Savvy Seller Strategy is all about getting you the highest price for your home, in the shortest time possible.  One way we do this is with our special Sneak Peek Home Preview.

You see, once your home hits the MLS, the clock literally starts ticking.  Every day your home sits there unsold increases the chance that it will ultimately fetch a lower sale price.  As “Days on Market” goes up, your cash-out will quickly go down.

So how about selling your home with 0 Days on Market?  With our Sneak Peek program, we aim to get offers for you before the home ever hits the market.  Your home will be soft-launched before it goes onto the MLS – with private, invitation-only open houses for neighbors and highly-motivated, ready-willing-and-able buyers sent by the local brokerage community.

This is a great strategy for getting very strong offers, quickly.  The fact is, buyers hate a bidding war – they’re very afraid of them.  When they feel there’s going to be a lot of competition, many of them just stand aside.  But when you tell these same buyers that they can get in on a home before it hits the market, these folks will often step up and make very compelling, pre-emptive offers to save themselves the angst and anxiety of fighting off hordes of other buyers.

The Sneak Peak Home Preview also allows you test a price. It’s axiomatic in the real estate industry that the seller doesn’t set the price – ultimately, it’s what the buyer is willing to pay. A good Realtor® will be able to tell you what he expects a buyer will be willing to pay, within a margin of error – or within a range of values. Most sellers, of course, will want their home to sell at the top of the range, and will want to see the home listed there. The Sneak Peek period allows you to set the price high, and see what kind of bites you get – before the home ever hits the market.

At the end of the sneak peek period, you may well have a number of high quality offers to review.  If you don’t get any offers, or none you like, at least you will have received critical feedback about price and condition, giving you an opportunity to make adjustments before presenting the home to the broader market.

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