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Are you looking for an experienced Santa Cruz probate Realtor? When a person dies, their estate (including real estate) may need to pass through the probate process.  This is the legal process whereby a deceased person’s assets & debts are disbursed and settled. When the sale of real property (house, condo, land, etc.) is subject to probate, it typically requires that there be a court that oversees the sale of the asset.

Your Santa Cruz probate real estate broker will help tremendously with the task of completing the sale of the estate’s real property assets. As a Santa Cruz Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES), I work with the executor, administrator, family members, representatives, and/or attorneys handling the probate sale to speed and facilitate the preparation for sale, marketing and negotiation for sale of the property.

Santa Cruz Probate Realtor Services

A few of the Concierge Services provided for a Santa Cruz probate sale sale include:

  • Cleaning of the Property
  • Sprucing up the Landscaping
  • Sale and Disposal of personal property
  • Obtain competitive bids from multiple contractors for repairs to the property to boost the sale price and net proceeds from the sale
  • Inspect the property weekly to make sure it is safe and secure
  • Stage the home for maximum appeal to buyers
  • Taylor a marketing strategy that best fits the property, market, and the estate’s needs
  • Loading the property on the Santa Cruz MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with professional, high-quality photos and video tour
  • Featured the Listing on Major Real Estate Portals such as Zillow, etc.
  • Negotiate the very highest price for the property, on the best terms
  • Oversee the closing process to make sure all mandatory disclosures are complete for the protection of the estate

There are countless duties that a Santa Cruz probate Realtor performs to ensure that the experience of selling the property is as easy as possible on the heirs, administrator or executor, and the attorney.

When the time comes that you need a skilled and experienced Realtor to manage the sale of a home in probate, please reach out.  We’re here to help with your Santa Cruz probate sale.

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