Talking AB1482 on the Radio

On October 18, 2019 I appeared on KSCO Radio in Santa Cruz as a guest on the Mike Young Radio Hour. Mike is a REALTOR I have known virtually my entire career in real estate. He has a weekly radio show and he usually has another Santa Cruz REALTOR, Dennis Casey, as his wingman. For the October 18 2019 airing, … Read More

Stop the Madness! Just say NO on AB 1482

The good folks at the California Association of REALTORS (C.A.R.) have sounded the alarm bell. They are urging all California REALTORS to call their state representatives and tell them to VOTE NO ON AB 1482. They have also asked that we REALTORS ask our clients to do the same. I recorded a quick episode of Seb Frey TV so you … Read More

Santa Cruz City Council Defies Voters

Information in this report was provided courtesy of the Santa Cruz County Association of REALTORS. On Tuesday, January 8th 2019 – a night which will live in infamy – the Santa Cruz City Council defied voters who recently rejected control and Just Cause Evictions when they soundly rejected Measure M by 61% to 39%.   They did this by passing a … Read More

Santa Cruz Together Fights Rent Control

Are you concerned about the movement to bring rent control to the city of Santa Cruz?  The folks working to establish rent control in the city have met the required number of signatures to put the measure on the ballot this coming November, so the rent control question will soon be put to the vote.  While there are many advocates … Read More

Just Cause Evictions in Santa Cruz

I recently attended an all-member meeting of the Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors.  We have these meetings once or twice a year, to discuss what’s new and changing in the real estate eco system.  The headline issue at this meeting was the new rent control measures now in effect in Santa Cruz.  Chief among these is what’s known as … Read More

Santa Cruz Marching Towards Rent Control

In case you haven’t heard, the city of Santa Cruz is marching towards establishing rent control. Recently, the Santa Cruz City Council voted to adopt two new “emergency” ordinances: a rent freeze, and a new requirement for “just cause evictions.” These ordinances were put in place to freeze current rents while efforts are underway to get the required signatures to … Read More

How You Can Help Solve Our Housing Crisis?

We in California are in the midst of an extreme housing crisis.  One way this shows up is as exorbitant prices to both buy and rent homes throughout the state.  I’m fine with high prices, so long as they’re affordable.  Unfortunately, they’re not: home affordability in our area is absolutely terrible. It’s about 15% to 18%, which means only 15% … Read More

Santa Cruz Mobile Home Owners, rejoice!

And now, today, here’s the scoop: [From Prop. 99 passes; Prop. 98 defeated – Los Angeles Times ] Californians on Tuesday rejected a state ballot measure that would have phased out rent control and barred government agencies from taking homes, businesses and farms for private development. … I mean, I assumed it was evil money-grubbing corporations and whatnot behind Prop 98 – but over the course of the “campaign” I learned that the Howard Jarvis Tax Payer’s Association was backing this one. … But we can all relax now – the good people of California saw through the sham that was Prop 98 and voted YES for Prop 99. We can keep the rent control in our mobile home parks – which is good if you are a mobile home owner, because had Prop 99 passed, your mobile home would have instantly been much more difficult to sell, since a good chunk of what you’re selling is really a rent controlled lease.