Senator Scott Wiener Talks SB50

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California State Senator Scott Wiener visited Santa Cruz on April 5, 2019 to give a talk about Senate Bill 50 (SB50). SB50 seeks to increase the amount of new housing construction in California by up-zoning residential property located near mass transit or “job-rich” areas. This law would override local planning and zoning ordinances, which have worked to keep density low in most areas of the state. We have recorded Senator Wiener’s remarks and transcribed them if you’d prefer to read them. See also: Vox article about SB50, Curbed LA article, Livable California on SB50 Senator Scott Wiener SB50 Presentation Video Senator Scott Wiener SB50 Presentation Transcription Good evening, and thank you for having me today. I really appreciate the invitation, it’s really great to be back in Santa Cruz. People sometimes say when they see me in different parts of the state, “Are you running for office statewide?” And the answer is no, absolutely not. I love representing San Francisco and San Mateo County, but I think it’s incredibly important when you’re, at a state level, making policy for the state, to be present and to talk to people in different parts of the state and to try to understand what’s going on around the state. We have a lot of commonality in California, a lot of common problems, but it’s just good to really talk to the community, so thank you for having me. I also just want to say thank you for sending two fantastic representatives to the legislature, in Bill Monning and Mark … Read More

Get It Sold Party Video and Photos

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On Friday, February 24th 2017 we held the official launch party for Get It Sold!, my new book that teaches home owners how they can sell their homes quickly and easily – but for absolute peak pricing. We’re grateful to everyone who made it out to celebrate with us at the Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery. We don’t have an exact head count, but we probably had around 200 party goers come and go throughout the evening (counting the kids, of course!). Get It Sold Party Video I’d like to again thank our sponsors for this event: Ontimio Builders [email protected] (831) 254-1735 Find them on Yelp Four Seasons Home Inspections [email protected] (831) 247-3707 Find them on the Web B’Z Cakes Beth Paiva B’Z Cakes [email protected] (831) 234-5215 B’Z Cakes Facebook Page

7 Tips for Selling a Home with a Solar Power System

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Solar Power

The use of solar power on California homes has skyrocketed over the past few years.  Having a solar power system on your roof is a good thing, on many levels.  However, the systems typically cost well over ten thousand dollars to have them installed, and often can cost several multiples of that.  But how can you show that value to a buyer, to persuade him to pay for it?  And, what if the solar panels are leased versus owned, how can that affect the marketing and sale of your home?  This article explores the ins and outs of selling a home with a solar power system. #1:  Prepare a Disclosure Package about the system  Buyers are going to have a lot of questions about your solar panel system.  Make sure you have the answers ready for them.  Be prepared to show when it was installed, by who, what the warranty and service plan  look like.  If your system is leased, make sure you know the procedures for getting the lease assigned to a new owner.  Also, you’ll need to disclose to the buyer – and have it written into the contract- that the deal is contingent upon the buyer getting approved to assume the solar lease.  Get the paperwork ready, and know all the steps that are involved in getting the lease moved over to a new buyer.  It can take some time to transfer a lease, so if you are not prepared, you may find your home sale takes longer to close than anticipated. #2:  Document the Dollar Savings … Read More

SellForSure Live Workshop

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Are you thinking about or planning the sale of your home? If so, you’ll want to make some time to attend a SellForSure live workshop! If you’re like most people, this is something you’ll put a lot of time and thought in to before you actually make a move. There’s a lot to think about, especially considering that selling a house is often a major life event and also probably the single largest financial transaction you may ever make. While the SellForSure University provides an excellent on-line, distance-based learning experience, many people prefer a live workshop – and we’ve got you covered! Spend a couple of hours learning everything you’ll need to know to really capitalize on the sale of your home. Here’s what you’ll learn: How to Correctly Price your Home To Work with an Agent, or Sell on your Own How to Choose the Right Agent for You Boosting your Sale Price Shortening your Time on Market Economical & Effective Home Improvement Building a Complete Disclosure Package Negotiating with Buyers …and much more! [Live-Event-Signup]